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  • Stone The Crows

    I'm staying up late tonight to frighten the b***** crows that are waking us up again. They fly into the garden about 4 am and wake us up. Two years ago it got out of hand and I slept in the living room a couple of times to jump out at them when I heard the ********s.

    It worked - but now they're back - and we're both losing sleep and getting tetchy because of it.

    Two years ago it was about five or six of them, now it's two. They come on the patio outside the living room and peck in the garden. They are so loud - and leave their mess on the patio.

    Any ideas anyone? Getting a bit desperate.


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    I read a Viz tip once which suggested that to stop pigeons sitting on a roof you should tether a cat to the TV aerial.

    Flappy, foil things. Pie cases on string tied to bamboo canes so they flash. Supposed to frighten birds but then I think crows and magpies collect flashy things so might be a useless idea.

    What about a plastic false falcon? You can get them and sit it on your patio. Crows might be easily confused.


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      Well here I am after three hours sleep. Stayed up, watching tele a bit, then washed dishes, creeping around the house so as not to wake partner, got pyjamas on at 3.50 am. Eyes closing at - woke by crows at 4.15 am - woman in red dressing gown throwing blue dog toy in the sky at 4.16 am! Woman in red dressing gown throwing ball into sky at 4.35 am and 5.15 am.

      Fell asleep on settee at 6.10, partner gets up at - by then I'm out of it. He leaves at 7.45 and I get woken up at 9.30 - by a ******** helicopter!!!!!!!!! Fall asleep again and get woken up again by helicopter at ten. Finally give in at 10.50. I swear this house is cursed.

      I'm going to try the decoy bird on the patio, know a shop that sells them. Maybe a scarecrow as well - we're desperate.

      Two years ago they were pecking at the patio door as well as cawing, we tried all sorts, but in the end realised we were attracting them back to look at the new defences!

      Can't get Viz round here - I get funny looks buying Private Eye!

      ...Haven't got a cat and haven't got an aerial!!!!! No one around here has one as the transmitter is on a hill with just fields between us and it!

      Do you think the crows would get confused by a double barrelled shotgun!!! As a vegetarian animal lover I'm sorely tempted...


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        Collective noun for a group of crows= a murder

        I think that might fit quite aptly if you get that double barrelled shotgun

        Oh, I've just got this image, crows waking you up, you shoo (yes shoo not shoot) them, they fly up into the sky right into the rotor blades of a ***********, end of crows, end of ********** Peace for you We can dream, can't we?

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Now that's what I call an organic solution! But the curse of this house is - crows at one time h******** at another.

          I admit Mistey, I have had similar thoughts...


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            Firstly yah boo sucks to Badger!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Secondly the crows must have been reading this thread as they've gawn - two days before we bought the plastic bird of prey which now sits happily warning off any crows that might come near. They're still around as I hear them from time to time in the daytime - but I shoo them off then. What a b***** noise they make!!!

            Might take a picture of said plastic bird - as it looks quite a picture, the equivelant of stone lions I think, I don't care, I don't care I don't care if it helps, I would put ANYTHING there. So thank you Jeannie and thank you Mistey for thinking what I was thinking!!!!


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              Aha! Plazzy decoy bird works. Don't mock the stone lions though Spinks, I haven't had one single wildebeest in my garden since I got mine.


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                Isn't meercat a wild beast?!


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                  I wish he was. He'd migrate north every year then.


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                    All this talk of plastic birds and lions..... Thankyou for a very interesting thread!


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                      tee-hee the stone lion keeps wildebeast out.

                      but does it/they atract wildlife filmakers?.

                      "stone cat diary" ..viewers vote out a stone lion every week..

                      and the winner gets crow dung cleaned off...

                      * and a day time t.v. show on channel 5.