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Weeping Into My Pint!

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  • Weeping Into My Pint!

    The bike has been sold


    suppose its sacrifice wont have been in vain when im lying on a beach somewhere soaking up the rays!!

    Saw it on the dual carriageway two days after i'd sold it - felt like shouting at the guy to stop riding like a cissy.I was able to keep up in the car!!

    oh dear

    "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

    apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

    Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!

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    ahh bless your cotton socks!

    at least we dont have to worry about you any more speedy along those country lanes on your hog!!

    ducking for cover now!!


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      I've been looking for a while and read your agonisings, but decided not to get involved. Like rubbing salt in the wound.

      The good news is that - like me - you can go out and buy another when you have the disposable ££ and the time. Just don't leave it 10 years like I did.

      Ironic that my new bike (bought last Sunday) is 10 years old (1st registered Sept 93) - and I sold my last bike in August 93.

      BMWs. current one a K75RT, previous a K100RS. Only problem is the weather's too hot for all the gear - got home from work on Thursday with my shirt wringing with sweat. Stupid 60mph limit and speed cameras on the A45. Actually, I reserve breaking the speed limit for emergencies only now. Nice to have the power to escape from dangerous situations caused by stupid car drivers.

      Still, HF remember biking's like acting. You're never an ex-biker, just 'resting'...
      "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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        Poor Tom there is no such thing as a ex biker, and shoudn't you change your name to happy tom now you have a bike again. Leave the tin can brigade to their Montego ad fantasies and the like.

        You never forget your first love, mine happened to be a red & white Suzuki Gamma 125, other ones were Montessa 350 old trials bike Honda CB 100 and not forgetting the mopeds a Honda Express and a Honda Vision.

        Before anyone asks no I don't wear full leathers all the time, why?

        I have seen too many bikers collapse due to the heat in this weather, not something to do in traffic.

        speed limits ha ha?

        I thought I would do my bit for society and stick to the speed limit when possible. Sticking to the limit following along with the flow of traffic, noticed a police car pull on to the same main road , further along the road they stopped me. Hello sonny is this your bike? Its miss actually and yes it is my bike. Why are you driving slowly? because its a 30mph limit and there's a car in front and I not going to break the speed limit when there's a police car two cars behind am I. This was a short busy road through town. They did more checks then let me go. I am only 4ft 11 so I suppose I look like an teenager on a 125 so they assumed I was up to no good.

        I decided to go into town and do some bits of shopping, stopped at the junction to a main road behind a car and heard a ambulance coming, let the ambulance go clear to go pulled out following the car.

        Looked in my mirrors still clear looked in my mirrors again and WHITE VAN MAN came speeding up behind me and he tried to force me off the road in a nasty way. I had to force my self at speeds of 80 mph through 3 lanes of traffic at rush hour and he still tried to follow me, a total nutter. A police biker saw and stopped him he said I had hit his van which was totall c**p. What really p****s me off is that most people would see me a biker and assume me to be at fault.

        I have being riding for 21 years and have never caused an accident or being involved in one. Only a few points for speeding, the way I see it is Iam dammed if I speed and Iam dammed if I don't.