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Best stress relief I've found so far ..

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  • Best stress relief I've found so far ..

    I've just discovered a great stress reliever.

    Got home this evening to find Meercat has taken to sitting with his front door open so now everyone in the street has to listen to his telly as well as endless Dixie Chicks records.

    Only came home to get changed as was doing a short dash down the motorway but that just aggravated me so much. It looks so bad. Not content with his Fabulous Luminous Wishing Well and Bucket contraption, his cats all rolling around outside in our flowerbeds and his lurid rusty cars obstructing everything, now he thinks we all want to look at a middle-aged, pot bellied yank squatting on his sofa staring at his telly and staring at anyone walking by.

    Jumped back in my car and got on the motorway. Muttering away to myself and gibbering all sorts of death wishes I suddenly couldn't stand it and let out a really lung-busting scream! I screamed so hard I had a coughing fit but it felt so good that I screamed for the whole 5 mile journey!!

    It just occurred to me that you can't really let off steam by having a good old scream generally. But, if you're in a car, on the motorway in your own private world where no-one can hear you, you can scream as much as you like. And it really releases something! Got out the other end feeling much better. Got a few looks from passing cars but they probably thought I was just yawning. Or singing badly.

    Just felt I had to pass that one on

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    Oh, Jeannie, I laughed my head off at that. So if I'm ever out on the motorway and I see a yawning woman, I expect it will be you

    I tried the screaming thing once. Sent my blood pressure rocketing and I ended up with a pounding headache I might try smashing bottles next time

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      I've found raucous, loud singing quite stress-relieving, esp. when driving. Get too many strange looks when I do it on the bike, tho'.

      I ought to say that I don't really approve of the screaming, but that would be hypocritical of me, as anyone who's heard my attempts at singing would know.

      Better out than in, I say.


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        I'm all for the singing/ driving scenario too! Haven't tried the screaming yet.

        Last night I was "singing" Pink very, very loud. I will say that as soon as I get to a residential area I do tone it down a bit! Don't want to become a SDFH (Singing/Screaming Driver from Hell) .


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          hehe jeannie

          i've done that before....made my sides hurt ..

          was driving in the middle of nowhere...and don't know why but was really pished off.....then for some reason i wondered how loud i could shout if i tried my hardest to shout as loud as i could....i was quite impressed...although i had no frame of reference....your right! ...good way to get rid of nervous energy...or just good to cut loose every now and then.

          turns out its hard work shouting loud...also have respect for free just do anything anytime... thats what i though of - " i don't think i would do this in front of many peoples"