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The ultimate NFH-avoidance home

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  • The ultimate NFH-avoidance home

    Has anyone been on ebay recently and seen that there's a huge amount of nuclear bunkers for sale - seems to be mostly Yorkshire area! I'd LOVE a nuclear bunker

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    Oh gawd, don't tell the Horsefans! Interesting Jeannie


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      Jeannie - I am nuclear bunker crazy!!!!!!!! They are old signallers posts that are for sale I think. There was one near us for sale I really wanted by partner wasn't so keen somehow. I've visited a few. Fascinating.

      I have noddy suit (nuclear fallout suit) plus mask, plus all sorts of stuff from that time - including MREs (meal ready to eat) which has food in ti not opened, untouched for years (no it doesn't smell!) it all has to be reconstituted with water except the Mars bar. Sometimes I'm itching to open those packs, but haven't yet. I'm a collector not a nutter, although thinking about it...

      I AM NUCLEAR BUNKER MAD!!!!!!!!!!! In fact anything to do with underground complexes fascinates me.

      Look up Subterranea Britanica on the net, fantastic site for everything under our feet!

      I'm sure Badger has the URL - he's a fan too - but then being a badger he would be wouldn't he?!

      It's what you would do with your bunker when you buy it - and the upkeep and keeping it safe. I know one has Morris dancers practising in it.

      There's a complex near us - would you believe it, I'm not allowed to say where it is? I contacted the author of a book on it (that doesn't disclose the address) and we visted it one night last year - which turned out to be one of the wierdest nights in many a long year.

      There are nuclear bunkers on sale in the states - and they'll ship them out to the UK!

      I could take digital pics of my nuclear bits and pieces for other anoraks like me!!!!!


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        Wow Spinks, didn't know your were that bunkers-bonkers

        I watched a programme a while back, the Mark Thomas Comedy (Product?). He does a lot of political comedy and visited this enormous site where, if there was a big nuclear problem, most of our politicians and hoi-polloi would head to. I was watching a bit vacantly until he said where it was. It's on the M4 just outside of Newbury and I must have passed it dozens of times. There's a slip road leading up to it which is signed as "Works Access Only". So for years I've been driving past just assuming the road goes to a load of bulldozers and the like, when really it is one of the most secure underground safehouses in the country. The government didn't try to hide it but just labelled it as something dull and uninteresting. Seems it worked too (until Mark Thomas came along).

        I wonder what laws are applicable if you just want to build your own bunker in your garden??


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          [email protected]

          I saw something on tv about how some people have leased their bunkers to big banks and companies to store their computers and data so that in the event of a nuclear war it will all be secure. Seems there's a bit of money to be made from it.

          Wouldn't it be lovely to have a bunker. You could go in, close the hatch and all the yobs in the country couldn't touch you! Not a good idea for those with claustrophobia though Didn't they disguise them by building little houses on top?

          Nah, I don't want a bunker, I want something like Seeland. I'd do what the bloke that owns it did and declare it a seperate country. OOh, think of it, Queen Misty

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Yes, I can imagine the look on the face of the manager of Barclays if I invited him to come and inspect my bunker!

            It's terrible really though isn't it. That a NFH can make you want to go and live in a hole in the ground! My NFH is no better than a cockroach anyway and aren't cockroaches supposed to be the only things that would survive nuclear fall-out? I can see the scenario: a week after the bomb I pop my head out (having fallen ill with eating too many Pot Noodles and Mars Bars) to find Meercat perched in the middle of his incinerated bridge wondering why his fish had suddenly sprouted 9 eyes.

            I turn to dive back underground but get hit in the face with a football. The yobbo kids would also be immune.

            There's a film script in there somewhere (albeit a bad one) ....


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              Sometimes, April, you just have to find humour in our situations. It's either that or go insane


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                For your delectation and delight (!!) here is said noddy suit - three sizes too big but who cares.


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                  Very chic, spinky

                  Is that one of those that are lined with charcoal. When you take it off you look like a reject from the Black and White Minstrel Show?

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Lets just say I wasn't intending to have a three hour shower until I took it off!!!

                    How do you move in that garb???