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How Clean Is Your House?

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  • How Clean Is Your House?

    Anyone watch the new programme? Channel 4 Wednesday after "Location, location, location"?

    Aren't those women fantastic!?

    But can someone help me? I have a cleaning question:

    How do you clean the bit in your oven that is at the very top (the bit above the element)? What can you use to make sure that the muck comes of the top but doesn't damage the elements?

    Any suggestions anyone?

    If I get some satisfactory answers, then I may post a DIY/ Painting poser next week.

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    Have absolutely no idea Holly. Oven cleaning not my speciality I'm afraid.

    When I first bought my house I was given a book called "How to Fix Just about Anything" by Reader's Digest. It's a huge thing.

    I never really needed to use it until this spring when my shed needed re-roofing so I thought I'd have a look to see what advice/materials I should use. I went to "Felt Roofing - Repair of" and the entry said "Consult a roofer". Hmmm .....

    I shall have a look tonight to see if it's got any bright ideas on cleaning a cooker. Will probably say "Consult a Cooker Cleaning Firm".


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      Sorry, holly, I haven't a clue

      Jeannie, I've got that book as well. It came in very handy when hubby put his foot through the ceiling when he was in the loft. He was going to pay someone to fix it but I showed him the book and he followed the instructions and did a fantastic job Very handy book

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        I agree, Misty. It's packed with useful stuff. Just seems when I need the advice, it's always something that's not in there


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          first make sure the cooker is off!!!

          unplug if electric of course

          spray mr muscle orange cleaner up on it it really gets grease off! I swear by it it!

          then while thats soaking in, big bucket hot soapy water and a brush with a handle.

          new loo brush would be ideal, or a bottle brush (one with bristles all round)

          then dip and scrub!

          plenty of towels or paper on the floor though!

          the thinner the brush the more likley you will get it past the element

          by the way....why????

          no one can see that bit so why bother!!!


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            Beth - I'm impressed!!! I didn't even know which bit of the cooker Holly was talking about!

            I have Mr Muscle orange cleaner but the smell is disgusting. I try all the new cleaning products like other gals try make up - but my house aint that clean, and tidyness just evades me. Can't stand dirty toilets or sinks though, no no no!

            Yeah it's a good programme Holly and those women are funny. That poor bloke though, shown up with all his pupils watching. Bet he was ragged when they all saw it on tele!


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              The oven is a built in one, with grill elements at the very top - you can't get behind (above) them with anything.

              Beth, I need to clean it as what is happening is this:

              If you put something in the oven, e.g. veggies for roasting in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, the oil heats up and splashes on the elements and beyond onto the "ceiling" of the oven. This oil is then stuck there and whenever you put the oven on it heats up and smokes (badly!).

              It is ridiculous. I have tried everything. I can't stand the smell of the Mr M Orange - I have used Dr Beckman Oven Cleaner (which works brilliantly on everything else in the oven) but this just doesn't touch the bit at the top because I don't want to damage the elements and even if I did, there's still nothing I can use to reach the bit at the very top.

              I am trying to create the image for you all here and I hope that has helped?

              The programme is on tonight - can't wait. I think it's a woman who hasn't cleaned her house for yonks...!


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                I haven't a clue......!

                But, what about one of those power steam cleaners you can buy or rent? They always look really good.


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                  oh those power steamers look good..... I want one!!

                  you can get mini ones too!

                  see the problem Holly, I hate smokey cooking!


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                    I get it now! Oh yeah I hate that smokey oven thangggg too. Usually when fat from a roasting tin spatters - oh the smell! Please someone, invent a pill that does away with cooking - I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Holly...if we ever buy a steam cleaner I will lend it to you.....

                      ....unless you get one first!

                      I quite fancy one to be honest....been thinking about it at work!!


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                        do you think we should have a top tips folder?


                        but have you read some of those dreadful top tips you get in magazines!

                        dire or what!!

                        I always think some of them are really taking the mickey!and some of them are things most people do anyway!

                        mind you, 20 quid for sending them in, cant be sneezed at!!


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                          I have a polishing tip I picked up in the army. It works for shoes and furniture After you've polished with a duster go over with an old (clean) pair of tights, it really brings up the shine

                          Oh, and hair spray is great for getting biro ink marks off clothes

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            tights are good for bringing your candles to a nice shine too.

                            my do you get cooked egg off off the little egg poacher cups?

                            we are poached egg fans but dont like putting oil or butter in the cups first.

                            the eggs come out fine but not the film they leave behind..

                            I have soaked mine for 3 days in cold soapy water(hot water continues to cook the egg) and ended up scrapping it off with a spoon.

                            it took ages!!



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                              Thanks Badger, didnt think of the obvious!

                              I was thinking of mixing vinegar and marbles or something wacky!!