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Eurovision Song Contest

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  • Eurovision Song Contest

    Eurovision Song Contest! Tonight, Saturday 24th May at 8pm, BBC 1 (also on Radio 2 as normal).

    It's that time of year again, I must admit I often watch most of it, some years I even score them all personally and see if I agree with the winners!

    If you've got Real Audio player on your computer, you can see/hear a copy of the UK Entry by Jemini, called "Cry Baby"

    I don't think the UK Entry is as good as some have been in the past, but my personal opinion

    Some interesting facts:

    -The Eurovision Song Contest, it can be said, is a child of the San Remo Song Festival.

    -Ireland has done the best at Eurovision - Irish performers have taken top honours seven times - three times in a row between 1992 and 1994.* Great Britain has won five times and taken second place 15 times.* Belgium, Norway and Finland have taken second prize eight times apiece.* Luxembourg and France have won the Eurovision Song Contest five times each, while the Netherlands and Sweden have managed to beat the competition four times apiece.

    -The most successful individual performer at the Eurovision Song Contest has to be Johnny Logan from Ireland.* He won the Eurovision Song Contest twice as a performer and once as the author of the winning song.

    -The most famous winners of the Eurovision Song Contest were Sweden’s ABBA.* Their winning performance of “Waterloo” at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 opened up the door for the group’s massively successful international career.

    -There are people who give thought to the importance of where each country is placed in terms of the order of performance.* Some think that the country which performs 13th* will not do very well - only twice have performers who went on stage 13th ended up winning.* There may be people who will not vote for the 13th performer for superstitious reasons.* Others wonder whether it is better to perform first or last, whether it is necessary to perform between similar countries or different ones.* Latvia performed 21st in 2000, 9th in 2001 and 23rd in 2002.* In 2002, Slovenia performed before Latvia, and Lithuania came after.* The experience of these three years suggests that Latvia’s performers do well if they appear toward the conclusion of the concert.

    -Specialists say that most of the songs that are performed at the Eurovision Song Contest are about love in one respect or another.* Two-thirds of the songs are performed in English and French.* It is believed that those are the two languages that can help in bringing success.


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    Since the day a few years ago I realised which countries always gave the same other coutries the highest marks and my eyes were opened to the politics of it all I vowed I would never watch it again - but I still do!!!!!!

    It's as camp as knickers, a good laugh and Terry is the perfect host.

    Voting is different now, so it should be fair...

    Yes we've also done our own scores in the past to see how they compare!

    I liked our song the year Jonathan King took over. Can't remember the title. We'd stand a better chance if we had seasoned performers. Personally I'd love to see my man Sean Macgowan stand up and do it for Ireland - profanities kept in - and Coldplay or Divine Comedy (as was) stand up for Great Britain - they would wipe the floor with the lot of them - if Sean didn't empty the theatre first!


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      Originally posted by spinkysay@May 24 2003, 3:40 PM

      It's as camp as knickers, a good laugh and Terry is the perfect host.
      Like the Carry on Films - you've just got to watch them!

      I like old Wogan, his quirky sarcy remarks too about the other entries....


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        Wogan is perfectimundo for Eurovision. Just right.

        Carry On films?? Ooh Matron! Saucy! - Actually I can't joke about hospitals at the moment!


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          Originally posted by spinkysay@May 24 2003, 4:15 PM

          Carry On films??* Ooh Matron! Saucy! - Actually I can't joke about hospitals at the moment!


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            Well, yes, I watched all 26 songs I admit it! I've put down my personal top 10 anyway.....

            "Here are the top 10 results (guesses!) of my personal jury"

            1. Ireland

            2. Sweden

            3. Turkey

            4. Norway

            5. Slovenia

            6. Croatia

            7. Greece

            8. Netherlands

            9. Cyprus

            10. Malta

            I think the Iceland and German entry will come around 11/12th place.

            I thought the UK entry could have been a lot better - to be honest it sounded like they were singing about a semitone flat?! I think the UK will come about midway (sorry if that makes me sound traitorish!).

            All I can say about the Russian entry, is, ummm, it was breathtaking!

            I think Ireland will easily win.

            Bet I'm totally wrong, see in a bit............


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              1st - Turkey

              2nd - Belgium

              3rd - Russia

              4th - Norway

              (Only got the top 4).

              Didn't get all the results, be interesting to see them again when they hit the news

              I'm quite happy, I got Turkey as 3rd and some of my other top 10 (Norway, Sweden, etc) made it anyway

              I'm glad Russia didn't win with the arrogant duo - it was awful - poor song, badly performed IMHO.

              - The presenters on BBC 3 agree with me anyway, the UK entry was way out of tune! It would have been 1000% better in tune. Oh dear....

              Interesting what old Wogan was saying, the UK won't get relegated due to the amount of "money we put into the EU". I think we deserved to get relegated on that performance! Might not hurt.

              Anyhow, all a bit of good clean fun eh! Very enjoyable!


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                I never watch it, but hubby does. He just told me that UK didn't get any points at all. Now tell me it's not all down to politics I'll bet if USA were allowed in they'd get no points either! Making war does not win points

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  First time ever for the UK with Nil Points Misty according to Terry, makes you wonder.

                  But it was sung very badly I still think, they didn't deserve Zero, but I think it was still a low performer.


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                    Originally posted by april@May 24 2003, 10:27 PM

                    Also a couple of 'chests' straining at lacing, I think I was getting bored and noticing things I shouldn't have*
                    LOL! Just noticed that bit you wrote April!

                    Did you hear Wogan's comment about "Bondage"?!

                    Best visual bit for me all night was watching the *stunning* backing singers in the Irish performance! (Where's Homer's drool when you need it.......Homer?!).


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                      Sadly, I watched it too.

                      I think that Sweden should have won, with Iceland second.

                      I thought that the Russain entry was bab - their single released earlier this year was OK, but what they "sang" on saturday was supreme bab - I don't agree with audience throwing a wobbly because they are two women - they are being made to do what they do by their promoter (they are not gay women in "real life").

                      What was the Austrian entry on about? I (very sadly) put subtitles on to look at the words in english... "small rabbits, they have small noses, and small kittens have small paws, Mother Holly likes her wool from a dromedary camel" ?????

                      What? Sorry, absolute babberoony as far as I'm concerned.

                      An as for Turkey, at least there was some dancing, she couldn't sing but at least the lyrics said someting thing (almost).


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                        we missed it as both working but I can only assume the UK entry was absolute dirge or as usual it gives the rest of Europe an excuse to give us two fingers again!

                        nil points

                        "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                        apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

                        Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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                          Originally posted by horsefans@May 26 2003, 6:39 PM

                          we missed it as both working but I can only assume the UK entry was absolute dirge
                          The song would have been OK if it had been sang better I reckon (song itself was not bad) - a semitone flat doesn't go easy on the ears eh! If they could have been given minus points instead of NIL PWA they'd have deserved it...


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                            Holly what's bab????

                            UK entry was PANTS!!!!!! That girl was singing way off - way off!

                            Also I don't go with her mother (well she would say it really wouldn't she?) that we should be proud of them, and that it took a lot of guts to get up there and do it. No, missus, they were RUBBISH, she couldn't sing in tune - don't blame technical problems as other performers had the same problem. The guy and the backing singers were in tune (just) and she started singing the backing singers lyrics at one point. If you can't do it - DON'T attempt it. There are ****** thousands of performers who CAN do it, would have put in the rehearsal time so the performance becomes automatic, but with the required artistry and can even perform when things go wrong - they're called artists not wannabees. Grrrrrrrrrr.

                            It was a sham. I'm ashamed of what we put on that stage as the talent and songwiting ability is out there. We deserve to be chucked out and I hope we are, so that we can shake ourselves up and come back with impact. I hope we get relegated and take our money with us - and UP ******** to political voting. It's abohrent.


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                              Spinks, bab is something that you'll find in a baby's nappy.