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  • John Fashnu

    Have any of you been watching 'I'm A Clebrity Get Me Out Of Here !'.

    Well, I have and I love it. But, tonight I was pretty disgusted.

    John Fashnu has been voted to do the Bush 'Tooker' Challenge for the THIRD time in a row this is three out of the five challenges that he has been nominated for.

    There are ten contestants in that place - why couldn't they pick on someone else ?

    I think John Fashnu is a really nice guy - a true gent. He just does not deserve this. The British public honed in twice on his phobia of heights and now the snake pit ! What is going on here ?

    This is not fair at all. Just so unfair and unnessary. If I was John Fashnu I would be thinking that the whole of the British public had it in for me.

    So even though Fash won't probably get to see this - I wish him all the very best. I just hope that the voting public would turn their attentions on someone else.

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    people like to see other people suffer.

    it is as simple as that.

    cheap tv made better by the fact they are minor celebs.

    for that reason I never watch it!


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      I agree with you Scooby, I'd like to see that guy from Coronation Street do something, it's like he's not there, I forgot about him for two days! The voting public are exhibiting the same behaviour in this as they do when they come into my supermarket (see supermarket thread)


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        In some ways this programme is as shamelessly cruel as some of those Japanese ones (e.g; endurance?)


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          why would any one want to put waffles on your head and then asks the rats to eat it?

          saw it on the wright stuff...cant stand things like that...even down to pop idol or what ever it was called.

          cheap cruel telly where we are riverted to the box to see whos going to cry next..mmm nice


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            I haven't really watched it. I did see some of Wayne Sleep and the rats.

            It might be cruel tv but let's not forget, these people chose to do it and they're doing it in the hope of raising their profiles so they can make money. So if they complain, they've only got themselves to blame.

            Just my humble opinion

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              RE John Fashanu,

              I have to say, I find him smug and completely one dimensional. When will he stop trying to foist his rather obsessive philosophies upon the others? He unwittingly contradicts his own logic, thereby invalidating his projection of personal integrity; which he's trying to wear like an old coat! Viewers are tired of it.

              There are more things in life than the Martial Arts and endless self-justification. He may be 6ft 4in - but he's wafer thin.

              And don't get me started on that kaleidoscopic Toyah - who on earth is she supposed to be now?

              One minute a self-confessed drug using, booze-hound libertine; then a new romantic/punk exhibitionist singer; then witty, laff-loads, sophisticated, sexy minx; then eager-to-please, puppy dog TV travel reporter; next a butch, weight-lifting she-devil, wrestling volcano - last time I saw her she was a candle lighting, tree-loving, sybaritical book-loving earth-mother.

              On this show she is now a glowering, menacing-faced, don't-mess-with-me-or-else Buddhist vegetarian. Who prefaces every action with a "NOW I'M GOING TO DO THIS BECAUSE I'M REALLY QUITE SANE" statement just to convince us that she's so sensible. Do me a favour!

              Give me a real person any day, one who is what they are, and doesn't contrive a laboured and calculated posture. The ex-cricketer might just squeeze it - warts and all.

              Went on a bit there, sorry - must get out more.

              Morbius (Ex-Toyah fan)


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                I have had a rummage around some other site dedicated to the Celebrity programme and I was shocked as to what I found out about what people actually thought about Fash. The following is one amongst many aimed at John Fashnu :-

                Fash is patronising, arrogant, self important, no sense of humour, incredibly two faced, a wuss and thick.

                We did NOT vote coz he could feed the people, we voted coz we loathe him and want to see him suffer.

                Anyone thinking otherwise has "Uri Geller Syndrome". Remember when he was voted off first out of the series? He was so arrogant and self important he thought that "WE" the public were thick and didnt understand the rules and actually he had the most votes coz we wanted him to stay !

                And I agree - the martial arts think is irritating in the extreme. He is hardly eating and yet expends all his energy doing martial arts exercises then whinges that he is light headed and weak? Its his way of blaming others on not doing their challenges properly.

                While I agree he was brave on the rope bridge of doom thingey, he will and has been milking it dry. Vile talentless man.[/b]

                I am not exactly sure why people are reacting to him in this way and I think that ITV need to step in quickly and prevent this from happening any further. This is nothing short of a witch hunt and I do not condone this behaviour. This is the same sort of behaviour that you and I have to deal with from our NFH's.

                Okay so people don't like him, fine, but, don't turn it into a vendetta. This is vile behaviour exhibited in a truly nasty form - a public form that is designed to humiliate.

                It needs to end and quickly


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                  I'm not a huge fan of these type of shows and have never watched one episode of Big Brother. However, I have watched a couple of the Celebrity ones and, leaving the others aside, does ANYONE believe anything that comes out of Anthony Worrall-Thompson's mouth?? I was rolling around. I don't really like Ant and Dec but they did make me laugh when they went through "Wozzer's" escapades since he was 4 (and ran off with a tramp before sailing himself at the age of 6 down the Thames).

                  Misty has made the point though, that being that no-one has forced these guys into the jungle and are really only there to raise their public image and probably make a few bob doing it.

                  As for Fash, if he says the word "focus" one more time, I'll scream.


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                    I have to say that this series didn't grab me like the last one did. I did see the rat cage Bush Tucker trial though and felt sorry for the rats (they didn't ask and agree to take part like the celebrities did!).

                    I don't think anyone should be attacked (physically or verbally), but I do think that as they have agreed to take part in this that they have to expect they will get positive and negative feedback from the public.

                    Well, that's my view on it anyway. Roll on Big Brother!


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                      Right then,

                      Let me get this absolutely clear - There are more people who detest Fash than actually like him.

                      Okay, so the Fash does not do alcohol, fags and a louch lifestyle. I suppose he can be a bit irritating, but, does that make the case for the public to do this ?

                      On the flip side Daniella Westbrook was using cocaine whilst PREGNANT. So, I have this clear in my mind then the British public would rather vote for a drug addict who was also may I add investigated by Social Services for giving her son copious amounts of Calpol (which is known to have a seditive in it) for calming down her son. If this woman lived next door to you stripped of her 'celebrity status' - do you think you would be using this forum ? I think you probably would!

                      Either that or I have completely lost the whole plot and had my brain frazzled.


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                        I don't know anything about any of them on the show (well, I've seen Linda Barker on Changing Rooms and AWT on Ready Steady Cook).

                        I think the thing with seeing celebrities out of the arena you are used to, you see a different side to them. As I've not really watched this series I can't really comment on what their behaviour's like.

                        What is it that the public are doing Scoobs? Is it the voting for him to do all the trials? When do the public start voting people out? You never know, if John Fashnu does all the trials well and is a team player in the camp, then he might start coming out on top in the public eye?

                        I'll try and watch it when it's next on so that I get a better idea of what's happening.


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                          In a nutshell Holly, you have ten celebritys on the programme. You have ten different phone phone numbers by their names, what you do is you phone the number for the person that you want to see do the bush tucker (or Tooker as Ant & Dec say) trials.

                          The trials can range from navigating your way through a cage of about 100 rats looking for stars, having insects dropped from a great height onto you, going into a snake infested pit to gain stars, going across a ladder suspended about 200 foot up in the air. (each star by the way represents the total amount of meals that you get 10 being top 0 stars being none).

                          Out of a possible 7 trials Fash has got 4 of them as the public keep voting for him to do it. I still think that once you have done your trial you should be exempt from being voted again. This then clears the way for the others to be voted to do their bit.

                          Sorry about tis folks but, I hate to see people being picked on like this and in reality Fash has no way of fighting back just yet.

                          I am wondering if it is a football thing. All footie fans phoning in getting their own back cause of the goals that he scored etc.


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                            I watched it last night!

                            I see Fash came second. I thought he did very well to conquer a lot of his fears to do the trials.

                            But that Phil bloke having to eat them bugs - eurgh...disgusting, I was retching just watching it. I'd have taken the fags and pint any day.

                            And did any one else hear the comments about the full bifta? I was pleased that I had heard that remark somewhere else before!


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                              So what exactly does BIFTA mean then ?

                              Or are we back to Klingon talk again !