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    Hi everyone, sorry its been such a long time since I last posted, as well as health problems, my computer has been getting repaired. My hard drive packed in and when I tried to uncouple the monitor from the back, one of the screws had stuck and I'm such a clod that I pulled it too hard and broke my graphics card too.... I hope everyone is well and not had too much problems from their NFH.... Well, I can safely say that it has been pretty much quiet here, even during the easter holidays....YIPPEE.... Hope I haven't spoken too soon LOL. I didn't even get much chance to say thank you for making me very welcome at the chat night. I eventually figured out why I had been cut off. I am with freeserve anytime on the dial up modem and they switch you off after 2 hours. Some anytime huh!! So I normaly have to redial straight away... Take care and I will try to get in again as soon as I can, and will keep you up to date if anything happens.... DEBBIE.....

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    Hi Debz, good to see you back again and glad to hear that things are fairly quiet.

    Oh, don't talk to me about computers Had a heck of a time with mine just lately. Luckily my son lent me his

    Hope things stay quiet for you

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