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  • Don't Download This !

    Yesterday I downloaded a BT Openworld approved virus management system to protect both of my emails and internet usage.

    So downloaded them I did, thinking that they would be okay only to realise that my whole system became immobilised. After five phone calls to BT Openworld Technical Support I finally was able to get back on after going through it all with the Technical Support Team for a total of 1 Hour and 45 minutes with the telephone welded to my ear.

    The words from Technical Support are this, that when ever BT Openworld sends out these letters advising people to down load this stuff and then the customers dilligently do Technical Support are innundated by streams of phone calls.

    Never again and I advise you not to do the same.

    The Technical chappy who was really ace told me to download and, these are free and will protect your system from viruses and spam emails.

    So far they have done a good job. But in part no thanks to BT - don't say I have not warned you.

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    Hi Scooby,

    Thanks for the warning

    We use Worldonline ADSL (Broadband) so BT Open World wouldn't contact us, unless its to encourage us to swap our Broadband to them!

    We use Zone Labs 'Zone Alarm' too, it's very useful - also amazing to see what's on your PC trying to connect to the internet too! All v stealth sometimes!

    We use Norton AV, used Mcafee in the past although I tended to find that *did* mess up other programs.

    We have a home network, so our 'real' IP addresses aren't often displayed, it's safer. We also have an ADSL Router with built in protection.

    Hope you got your machine sorted