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  • Missing day

    I've just noticed that there are 365 days in the average year, and having said that there are also 52 weeks in a year, but, 52 x 7 = 364.

    Where does this missing day go? do we get paid for it? can we have it as extra holiday entitlement? are we being diddled somewhere?
    "no matter where you are, that's where you've been".

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    Hi Saint

    Galaxy 105 radio have a "Mind Masher" every morning and this would fit in very well. My brain is too frazzled at the moment to even think about it.

    Is it something to do with leap years?


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      Originally posted by Badger@Apr 4 2003, 4:28 PM

      Somebody, somewhere is saving them all up and making a full year out of them, like the dishonest bank worked who syphoned off all the half cents from cheques and made a fortune by paying them into his account!
      Wasn't that in a film or was it real?!