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  • What to do about....

    On another topic, there was the mention of Bailiffs coming round.

    We are still at an earlier stage. Our previous owners didn't leave forwarding address (we know why now!), everyday another bill comes for them, at first we sent them back (whether or or a Return Address was on the back).

    Then in error, we opened one. It was a nasty letter about a large debt and stated that collectors would be coming round. We rang the company and explained that we had bought the house and had nothing to do with the previous occupants. That company was fine about it.

    I am now getting really bothered by the fact that these letters keep coming. There must be 10 or more companies chasing them for debts. This morning i opened another letter by accident and it was from a Investigation company saying that they're coming on 12/04 to serve some Insolvency Act papers. I rang them to explain and advised them to do some proper investigations into finding this couple.

    I suppose my questions are:

    Is there one place that I can contact to inform all these firms that we are the new owners?

    Could I contact the Post Office and ask them not to send any letters addressed to Mr and Mrs P to our address?

    What so people think about parcelling up all the letters that come for them and sending them to either the Estate Agents who dealt with the sale or the couple's Solicitor who dealt with the conveyancing, and asking them to forward the letters to the couple's new address?

    Any help/comments/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I find this sort of thing terrifying.

    How about ringing the previous owner's solicitor and telling them what's happening? Also give these debt collection agencies their solicitors address. He must know where they are as Badger says.

    How about getting a copy of your name on the electoral regsiter and sending it to these people? Problem is there's a lot of them, but I'd rather do that than have the heavies at my door.

    So yet another lesson to be learnt when buying a house - we now have to check out not just the neighbours but the present ownerS. WHAT HAPPENED TO HONEST PEOPLE!!!!


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      Thanks for your replies.

      I will contact their Solicitor first thing in the morning and see how it pans out from there. I'll let you all know how I get on!


      I've no idea what the answer to that is. We thought they were a lovely, intelligent couple, but evidently they thought that by leaving the property their debts were left behind. Whenever we have left anywhere, we have always done the redirect thingy at the Post Office, sent out reams of letters to companies etc. advising of our new address. I wouldn't dream of not doing it.

      The mind boggles!


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        Our seller ( we have other 'more interesting' names for him) seemed an afffable bloke, with a respectable business two villages away. We were as wrong as wrong can be - and paid for it.

        We're going to do so many checks before we move again, I can't and won't go through this again because of someone's else's dishonesty.