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The Children of Iraq

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  • The Children of Iraq

    Many of the papers a few days ago showed a picture of a little girl being carried to ambulances after a market area in Iraq was hit by a bomb. The young child was soaked in blood and looked very poorly. A very shocking and upsetting image. What the papers didn’t show, for whatever reason, was the full picture of this little girl being carried away. The full image, which is even more upsetting, was of her foot hanging off the leg by torn and shredded skin. I don’t know if this girl lived but I dearly hope she made it through.

    That day, my daughter of about the same age of 6 came home from school to find me picking her up holding her close. The image of that child will live in my memory for ever and how terified all the kids in Iraq must be at this time when our own little ones are safe and well.

    Im sure I can say we all wish for the children of Iraq to be protected and enjoy the peace and family love we so take for granted.

    Peter J.

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    My sentiments as well.

    You can only imagine what it must be for those innocent children.



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      I don't know how I missed this thread when Peter first posted. But I did see the full picture of that little girl and it was horrific. There have been a lot more since then. One 12 year old boy lost his mother, father, brother and seven other members of his family. He also had both arms blown off. I really hate this war!!!

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi