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  • Where to register with?

    I think it was Badger that posted a contact on how to stop junk mail coming to your home etc/or was it Sales 'phone calls?!, the other day.

    I saved this from a Usenet post I saw the other month, very handy:

    Also, you know those misleading and annoying "ring this number for £1.50 per min" SMS Spam texts you can get on your mobile 'phone?! Report them here:

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    I use/used something called 'Mailwasher' which filters out spam - it's free but the creator welcomes donations.

    It did the trick and worked so well I've fallen back into not using it and now getting offers again of Rumanian wives and how to enlarge a certain part of a mans anatomy.

    I hate all the porn spam particularly, and I'm no prude.

    I'm going to try the other spam filter mentioned. Thanks.