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Colleagues from hell

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  • Colleagues from hell

    Ever thought that everyone from hell is out to annoy you?!!! Not only do I have neighbour from hell, I also have a colleague from hell! He is so annoying! Every day I have to suffer his disgustingly repulsive eating habits and his constant chewing of gum. He has his mouth wide open and you can hear all kinds of revolting noises, and he doesn't seem to realise. Time to look for another job.

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    I know the type well!

    every work place has one of those or someone with a really bad BO problem!

    do you know him well enough to tell him?

    I know that I would want to know if others saw me as repulsive (then agaain they might!)

    I think I would pick a quiet moment and talk to him alone and just mentione to him or make a joke of it, ie I would love to take you to lunch but it might be easier on the stomach if I took a cement mixer!

    it seems a bit drastic to change jobs though! but i understand that certain things in life can be....well not nice!

    Where as I have a cast iron stomach due to the nature of my work, eating with some of my clients.....well if I didnt have the stomach for it i would starve!

    you could mirror his habits to make your point, get some gum and make slurpy noises in his directions he will soon realise!


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      Originally posted by Badger@Mar 28 2003, 3:37 PM

      My boss is like that.

      I have to look after his IT requirements and frequently have to hoover out his keyboard, de-grease his mouse and clean food spray from his monitor.

      It got so bad that I replaced his mouse with an optical one because when I opened up the old ball mouse it looked like the inside of an old chip pan.

      I had a manager who used to clean his ears with the lids from biros!

      every time we got a new batch in a would throw all the lids straight out.

      he didnt make the sleep in bed one night and I had been up chatting to the night staff till 2.30am, when I went up I sorta made a squeal noise and we both had to remake the bed with out dropping lumps of skin on the floor, talk about shedding!!


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        My pet hate - bad eating habits, except for those who can't help it obviously. Eating with your mouth open is digusting!!!!! I would have said something by now as I can't abide it.

        Do you have to be around him when he eats though? Is lunch at a specific time or at the workplace/workstation?

        The chewing gum bit though - aagh I sympathise if he's doing it for hours on end. Maybe a mimic in his direction would get through as Beth says. All depends on his character I suppose.

        Best to do it with humour - at your expense not his - to get the message through.

        How about; 'Blimey I could power a small car with the energy coming from your mouth' - and laugh with him

        Hope you can get the message through somehow, as it seems a bit drastic to be ousted from your job because of someone's eating habits - although I sympathise, I definitely have not got a strong stomach for things like that!!!! Yuk!

        Hope you get it sorted out.


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          Eeeuuuuckkkk! Just reading about it makes my stomach do somersaults

          Maybe if you mooed at him a few times, he must look like a cow chewing the cud!

          Good luck with whatever you decide to do

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            It's just revolting isn't it other peoples vile habits.

            I suppose chewing your food like a cement mixer is just unbearable. Mind you it shows their lack of respect for other people and of how they have been brought up.

            Never experienced this eating problem. More like Beth says the BO problem. We all got together and kicked that one into touch - we used to walk around the air freshner and then we all plucked up to the courage one day during a really hot summer and said "Angus has anyone ever told you that you stink".

            Problem solved !


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              Goodness Smiler!

              That really does sound very irritating and pretty rude! Like the others have said, perhaps he doesn't even realise he's doing it, and if it was me, I'd use humour to start with to try and make him realise what he's doing is pretty annoying/disgusting. If that doesn't work and he's too 'thick skinned' then pluck up your courage, be assertive and politely tell him (do it in private and carefully pick your moment so not to be disturbed etc). There's never any comeback I feel, if people do this professionally, politely and with as much sensitivity as possible.

              Failing that, have a chat with his supervisor/line-manager, etc. Maybe bring it up during a supervision/developmental/regular personal meeting, whatever you may have with your manager (perhaps and even better you share the same Manager as the gum chewer). You could even say to your Manager you find it very distracting and it puts you off your work and affects your concentration!

              Is it at mealtimes only? (like Badger has said) or does this guy sit opposite you or something, at a desk etc? Ask to be moved if its a geographical thing in your workplace - if it's at mealtimes, avoid him!

              Pretty drastic to leave and look for a new job because of him though and a real shame!

              Is it just the 'cavernous' gum chewing or is it other things too that have made you feel this way? Does he have other 'bad habits'?


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                Originally posted by Beth@Mar 28 2003, 3:46 PM

                I had a manager who used to clean his ears with the lids from biros!!!
                Was that the 'short' chap by any chance Beth? The guy that also vented his gas/air regularly from all his 'orifices' in public, extremely loudly?!


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                  Colleagues from hell!!!

                  The worst kind are the ones with the knife that goes right between your shoulder blades!!!

                  Dont get me started on that one!!

                  "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                  apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

                  Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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                    Originally posted by Badger@Apr 3 2003, 9:53 PM

                    The sort of colleague that has made your day a bad one HF?

                    Nuke them!
                    Crikey, don't get them started....

                    As if they need any help getting started actually