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  • Totally Off Topic Talk

    Welcome to the new forum section for anything you want to talk about that is non-NFH related!

    Anything you want can go here.

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    The 'Totally Off Topic Talk' area is now one of our most successful areas, it started off small, but is growing all the time and there ought to be something for everyone here.

    Just to bring to everyone's attention, to keep things running smoothly and so that everyone can continue to enjoy their membership here, here are some reminders on the use of the Totally Off Topic Talk area.

    Threads that get too long will automatically be removed as they become hard to follow for newcomers.

    Members are also reminded that if a thread wanders off topic, relevant posts may be automatically removed at any time.

    Don't forget that the Chat program has recently been upgraded and you are welcome to pass the time of day with each other and meet new pals in real time. It's fun, so give it a go! (be sure to get yourself comfy first though as it is addictive :blink: :lol: )

    Thanks for your co-operation .

    NFHiB Support team :nfh1: