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    Does anyone have Freeview tv?

    I am thinking of buying my sister a Freeview setup, for christmas. I know that satellite boxes have more channels. But how much are the dishes. Are they any good.


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    :huh: What dishes? You've lost me. Can you get freeview dishes? :blink:

    I was thinking of buying a freeview box thingy for Christmas just to get that few extra channels to watch (seeing as there's hardly anything good to watch of th 5 channels we have now).


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      The boxes for Freeview seem to be about 100 quid (£99.99) but I think with latest special deals, you can get one for about 80 quid now.

      They sound OK for basic access to the digital service - at least your sis could find out what all this 'red button' business is all about B).

      You have to check that the area you are in is covered by the signal though. I don't know anyone that has one, so don't know if they are any good compared to sky, for example, cos my area can't get it :sad: .

      It has all the BBC channels (handy if you want BBC3 to catch up with Eastenders at 10 pm) plus shopping channels :zzz: , a music channel and ummm, not sure what else, oh yeah, ITV2 (not sure about E4 though) :lol:

      I heard today that 50% of all British households will have digital TV by the end of next year and apparently it's due to these Freeview boxes. The government will be switching off the 'analogue' signal in 2010, so we'll all have to go digital sooner or later :geek:

      I'd be happy to get that as a pressie (of course if I got a signal ) - you're very generous !!


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        My sister got hooked on more channels, when we changed to Ntl. She has a Sky dish. But cannot afford the prices for that. I've read that they is 2 types of Freeview, Digital and Digital Satellite. Digital boxes cost from £49.99 to £100. These have 35 channels.

        The Satellite boxes cost more, but have around 80 channels. Some can be upgraded to normal Sky. But they do need a dish as well.



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          the cheapest freeview box i have seen was in tescos £59.99, but you need a decent aerial for it to work properly.

          i would prefer to get a satellite one personally, but then you have to pay for the dish to be installed.

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            We had one for a very short time, you do need an Aerial pointed in the right direction for it to work properly. We bought it for upstairs but it proved to be too much bother.

            However, my Father has one and he swears by it. We often find him crouched by the box, cursing.

            Prices seem to be rocketing downwards so good luck (and as Cilla would say) 'ave a lorra lorra laughs chook.


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              Originally posted by Ogre@Dec 19 2003, 1:49 PM

              However, my Father has one and he swears by it.* We often find him crouched by the box, cursing.



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                To compare what you can get check out this page: here!

                PS. The cat has bought us a freeview set-top box for Christmas, so will report back once it has been opened and tested.


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                  That's a great excuse to getting away with buying yourself a pressie - I might just try that with a fancy eternity ring I have my eye on!! B)


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                    Well, we have it now. I like it, more rubbish to watch :lol:

                    HN, did you connect yours to your telly or video? :blink: Not quite sure whether I've connected the right parts with mine .


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                      :unsure: Hmm, I'm confused by the scart lead. It says you can connect this either to telly or video. When I connected to telly, I lost my ITV picture on my video channel. So I've plugged the scart from the box into the video - but now have to switch video on to watch freeview (can't be right!).

                      I'll work it out eventually. :lol: :zzz: :lol:


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                        We had a visitor on Friday who's into all this sort of stuff and he says they way I've set it up is fine, but he has recommended that I get another scart lead an run that from video to telly and then watch all telly terrestrial programmes through that on AV2. :blink: :lol: