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  • Technophobe

    Not sure if i'm posting this in the right place so I hope someone will put it where it should be :notworthy: Thank you

    Am looking into this broadband malarky.

    Any tips from anyone please because its all gobbledegook to me.

    Thank you



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    I've had broadband for a while now and find it so much better than dial-up. I'm with NTL who are OK once you are set up but I'm not sure that there's much to choose between the various suppliers. To some extent it depends and where you are, NTL cable is not available everywhere.

    You need to take a few extra precautions with broadband because your computer is always connected to the internet when it is switched on. If you haven't already got it, get some anti-virus software. Most people seem to use Norton but there is a freebie called AVG which works well, you can get it here:

    Remember to keep updating it.

    You should also go for a firewall. I use Sygate Personal Firewall which is also free from here:

    Another option is ZoneAlarm.

    Hope this helps


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      Thank you Eskander for taking the time to post your advice to me its very much appreciated.

      Will start looking into it now.

      Thank you once again



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        I don't have broadband, but will do probably as soon as they bring the price down .

        I haven't got a clue about it, so will no doubt be asking for advice when the time's right! :lol:


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          Just to emphasise, broadband is a step change from dial-up in trms of speed and reliability so my remarks about security should be seen in that context. Yes, you do need to be a bit more careful about firewalls and viruses, but it is most definately worth it.


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            What is a fire wall.?

            I can understand what one is in the land of mother nature....but in computer terms, beyond me....

            So sorry for being so thick



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              "What is a fire wall.?"

              Oh crumbs, not sure I'm any good at explaining this but here goes.

              When you are connected to the internet, data can come into your computer and go out from it. In the normal course of events the stuff that you download and the stuff that appears on you screen as you surf the net is data being sent into your computer, when you do a search or send an e-mail, data is being sent from your computer. That's fine of course. On the other hand, people can probe your computer to try to find out things about you or install malicious software on your computer. Also some software already on your computer can send stuff about you over the net without you knowing about it (called spyware).

              A firewall acts as a filter and will stop your computer sending and receiving data without your permision. When you first install a firewall you will find it continually giving you messages saying such and such is trying to connect to the web and give a choice of letting it or stoping it. For example, the first time you log on to Internet Explorer you will be asked for permission. You can then set it to always allow that access. After a while you will find it all settles down and works away in the background without you noticing it most of the time.

              I hope that helps

              As for "So sorry for being so thick" you're not, you just need some practice, this is all complicated stuff and it takes a while to get the hang of it.

              A very useful forum for asking questions about all aspects of computing is here:



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                You can also check out one of our very own member's forum's here, for all sorts of computer queries:

                Muckshifter's Forum


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                  I think this has probably been said before in other places on this site but broadband is defenutly a good thing i think,

                  How did i ever survive for two years with a dialup?!...with great difficulty i would say

                  It would be mentioned in the links given above but your computer needs to be of a minimum standard as well to use broadband.i have the £25 a month 600k which suits me fine and at certain times i like to have quite a fast connection

                  Just a link to NTL broadband info page

                  minimum computer requirements to use NTL broadband

                  Any computers made in the last few years would be good enough...and i don't mean to be patronising but to find your computers specs

                  easily just right click on " my computer", then click on "properties"

                  [not that your puter wears any glasses, its specifications silly :P]

                  One thing NTL say is they recommend connecting to their broadband using a USB connection, if your computer has a network card or on-board LAN ( just like built in netwerk card) its better to connect to the NTL modem that way , connecting to the internet using a USB connection will use more of your computers resources compared to connecting using a network lead connection, and it was not at all harder to set up i think.Its just a guess but i think that would work faster too

                  ( i found it on other help pages when i was looking at getting broadband that its better not to connect by USB)

                  a link to a helpful info place for NTL prollems (i've gone linking mad today :P)?

                  I hate NTL because they are useless [or there admin ppl are], but i have no problems with the service now it is set up and werking, and its faster than their quoted speeds too [ ]

                  i used to use the free sygate firewall too! before i finally got Zone alarm pro, when they do pop up some alerts its hard to know if you should allow access or not...darn technical language and "many things i don't understand go on behind the scenes in a computer", so i'm glad they have a "more info" button to click to help you decide wether to allow things or not.

                  i have norton antivirus but i only use that because i have it free , next year i'll be getting that AVG antivirus too, most ppl that have it say its good.

                  I only find something out about computers when i need too { read: when something breaks :P}, but the more i find out the more i find out i don't know

                  I've just looked at muckshifters site too, that looks like a good place!!


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                    Hi Vernon

                    Thanks for that. My friend is on NTL but dial up only and she gets free unlimited phone usage with that too.

                    I have called NTL but have been given 3 different prices for the 600 thingymajig on broadband. (went for a job there a few years ago, thank goodness i didn't get it - but does that make me even more thick? shouldn't really admit to that should I?) I think I've said this before, when calling NTL with a problem I used to lose the will to live. :cry:

                    Having said that, if I can get them to agree to a price on cost of broadband AND they have room on the exchange when i move, i will more than likely use them.

                    Thanks for that vernon