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  • mobiles

    dont get caught out are the new rules on it.

    personally I think I good idea, anything to make the roads a safer place :drive: :mobile:

    The legislation states:

    ** Using hands-free equipment is allowed providing you do not have to hold the handset to dial the number.

    ** You cannot cradle a mobile on your shoulder.

    ** You cannot text, use internet access or video phones.

    ** There is an exemption for calls to the emergency services where it is unsafe or impractical to stop.

    ** Employers will be liable to prosecution if they require employees to use a mobile when driving

    ** And using hand-held mobiles when stopped in a traffic jam is also prohibited, unless it is a lengthy jam and your engine is turned off

    also please check out this link to Her Majesty's Stationery Office (we already have permission to use this source)


    be safe, and avoid that fine!

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    Thanks for the full info on that Beth! Need a proper hands-free kit now; the one that came with the 'phone is now illegal!



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      how about some bluetack on the dashboard ? :P

      /me is favour too dangerous mobile talking and driving,

      i mean with both hands i am bad enough :drive:


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        they'll take notice coz it'll hurt in the pocket, strange the safety thing doesn't change peoples habits like having a fine :wacko:


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          Originally posted by sweetpea@Dec 6 2003, 9:30 PM

          A lot of people said that people wouldn't stand for it when the seat belt law came in.* I can't remember the last time I saw someone without a seat belt.
          sadly we see it on a daily basis this neck of the woods

          7 kids in the back after school and no belts, it does annoy me if there were to be an accident half of them would be dead


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            Originally posted by sapphirelily10@Dec 6 2003, 6:18 PM

            Thanks for the full info on that Beth!* Need a proper hands-free kit now; the one that came with the 'phone is now illegal!
            What, you mean your hand? Remember I *saw* this! :P :P :lol:

            Thanks Beth for that, better get sorted hadn't I! :hihi: hone:


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              :P :P :P

              All will be under control soon . I am now in possession of all the facts (and a sparkling new tax disc...very nice, has silver bits on! And so it should, for 90 quid lol )