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Oh, drat!

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  • Oh, drat!

    My boss decided to get someone in to do a job that my colleague and I could have done ourselves.

    Instead he got someone else in to do it. And they have totally screwed the job up. Made a pig's ear out of a silk purse.

    I'll have to have words with my colleague tomorrow morning. We need to point out to our boss that the "expert" messed up.

    It will make our company a laughing stock. :banghead: :angry: :rant:

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    We wrote a book. We could have proofread it ourselves, but our boss brought in someone else to do it.

    Whole paragraphs repeated, others mangled, bits left out. And the book has ben printed. With our names as authors. :cry:


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      Hi Neighboured

      It sounds like your boss is going to have to take the rap for this on the chin, as it's his fault for trusting these idiots. I'm really sorry to hear about the c**k-up, and hope that it's not too late to try and recoup some of the outlay back

      It must be really devastating to see some idiot come in and ruin your hard work like this :cry: and am hoping that they come up with a good solution tomorrow.


      Blue Cow


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        Your boss needs to understand that proof reading is never something to entrust to one person. The reason is simple, no single person will ever spot all the errors in a document, they will miss about 10% of them. Get as econd person to proof read and he/she will miss about 10% of the remaining errors, a thrid person, 10% of the few that are left. This means that you should always use two or three proof readers to get it right.


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          One wonders why certain people are employed at management level, when they clearly have no idea about what they are doing.


          (p.s. you got a book published .. how cool is that! nice one)
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          Vince:"You don't know anything about me. Do you know anything about me?"

          Howard:"I know...of you"

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            that sounds a bit bitter and sweet all rolled into one!

            how annoying :crazy:

            good that you have got a book out, shame its not finished how you wanted, sounds like someone was trying to steal your glory

            was it a book on NFH? :lol:


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              Oddly enough our company has used her before. She is normally very good, so goodness knows what went wrong.

              We spent several hours going through it today (on boss' instructions!) and found even more errors.

              Ah, well! :lol: