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Gardening for relaxation

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  • Gardening for relaxation


    I wondered how many people find solace in nature and plants

    when dealing with NFH crisis. I love my garden and the gardens

    around me. It is amazing to see little seedlings come up all by themselves

    from something that grows somewhere else or from seeds the birds

    have dropped. I like to watch the birds that come into the garden too.

    I have a little bird bath and several birds love to come and have a drink

    and a wash so the water has to be freshened up daily.

    Isn't it lovely to even watch deciduous trees getting their new leaves

    for summer and blossoms that look to pretty on flowers and trees?

    Even the small creatures that inhabit the garden are interesting to watch

    (although Im not too keen on the spiders that keep spinning webs

    just where I want to walk). My new garden has its own problems and

    I have had to remove some paving (the previous owner was a low

    maintenance person) and the big dog weed on a tree I planted and killed

    it so I have now bought a taller and hardier tree. Fruit trees are nice too

    because eventually you have the fun of picking the fruit and the blossoms

    smell nice. Recently, I bought a star jasmine, the fragrance is lovely.

    Fragrances are nice therapy after surviving NFH problems.

    They are a reminder of the nice things in life.