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    I am having a moan about that person who received the scripts for the Xmas edition of 'The Office' bu accident, and now wants to flog them to the highest bidder... :angry:

    What a miserable immoral old BEEEEP she is. :angry: ow::box:

    I hope they prosecute her for opening someone else's mail! :rant:

    and I hope no one buys them off her ! :badmood:

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    I've not heard anything about that, Annabel. But you're right, she should be prosecuted for tampering with Her Majesty's mail.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      I am really looking forward to the office christmas special!!

      I bet every one here can compare David Brent to one of their work collegues!!! :lol:

      I sure can!! :lol:


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        Hadn't heard this, but how cheeky is that! Theft as well as other things!

        I like the Office though, was watching it last night on UK Gold actually! :lol:


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          Hi Annabel

          So not only did she open someone else's mail, but she's trying to sell the contents?

          She can't be very bright!

          I've worked with many David Brents over the years :lol: , and one Gareth that I can remember. He was always coming out with TA stories and had a really backward way with women. Needless to say that he ended up as my boss (no wonder I quit!).

          I think that the Christmas special is the final one :cry: which is a real shame. I'll just have to be happy with watching it over on DVD

          Blue Cow


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            I forgot - I did also work with a real-life Basil Fawlty too! :lol: :lol: (how could I forget?) He had it all down to the silly walk and everything.



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              That silly woman...

              I heard that the package was actually addressed to her, but I don't know how that could have happened :blink: .

              Sounds like a horrible little mercenary BEEP. I only hope that the media sticks two fingers up to her little demand and doesn't print any of it.

              Ricky Gervais has actually asked the Media to buy it and then not print it, wonder if that would work.

              It does seem a shame to spoil it for everyone if they do reveal the script :sad:


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                I like the bit where they say they should send round the bloke from the warehouse!! :lol: :box: