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favorite quick snack type foods

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  • favorite quick snack type foods

    and thats it

    i am not sure if their really is a food section bit somewhere on this site but i haven't seen yet so this can go here ...apoligisations if this has already been done.

    vernun starts with .... " scrambled eggs on toast with ham, chives, spring onions , cheese, mushrooms, paprika on top" ...tasteastical ! :P

    ..i typed this last week but i had that agen yesterday so i thought i'd type it agen :P

    Anyone want to type their favorite ...or just any quick snack type thing they cook and like ?

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    I like pot noodles with cheese and onion crisps dunked in

    and I am quite partial to tomatoe soup, has to be heinz, with cheese on toast dunked in!!

    if you hadnt guessed I am a dunker!!! :lol:


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      Crusty white bread, mayo first, then basil, then tomato...add mozzarella, and grill....Mmmmm! (Worcester sauce optional )

      Sapph (need food now :P )


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        Large plum tomatoes, chopped into 2cm cubes

        Balsamic vinegar and olive oil drizzled over them with a hint of wholegrain mustard.

        Chunks of feta cheese and stuffed olives liberaly mixed in.

        Eat with a crusty bread.

        Takes 2-3 mins to do if you have the ingredients in the fridge.

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          Birds Eye's Beef Stew and Dumplings (microwaves in minutes) - great with crusty bread and butter.

          A life saver when you have a ****over and have to eat NOW :lol: :P .