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  • apparently....

    and one glass of pure orange with bits in counts as one portion ....but does a second glass equal two ? :P

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    Don't know that the juice of an orange with a few bits in does count as a whole portion! :P. Think you have to eat a whole orange?!

    Will await confirmation/denial of this by a nutrition expert :P



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      And does a BLT count as 2 portions too? :unsure:


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        As far as I know, it doesn't count if you have 5 glasses of orange for the quota. Don't know why, since one glass is one I don't think that 2 = 2 portions either - sorrreee.

        Potatoes don't count either :sad: :lol: So bang goes the chips....


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          Hi HN

          Potatoes are vegetables, but experts don't include them in the "eat 5 a day" recommendation.

          The reason that you need to eat 5 a day is because fruit and vegetables are packed with different vitamins and antioxidants that help you achieve a healthy balanced diet (it's recommended that you eat 5 fruits and vegetables that are of differing colours to get the right mix)

          Potatoes do contain significant levels of vitamin C, but as they are considered a "starchy" food, they are excluded.


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            Hi folks, in fact a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is counted as one portion of fruit, i read it in an official govt pamplet. so you could drink 5 glasses and fulfill your 'quota'. however, i have also read that really we should be eating more like 30 portions of fruit/veg per day...basically the idea is we should eat far less processed carbohydrates and meat products.

            i found the thread on favourite snacks very interesting as most of them were processed carbs, and not much mention of fruit being a good snack!!!!!!

            potatoes are not included because although they are veg, they way we cook them can make them very fatty (i.e. fried chips, roast potatoes, mash with loads of butter - you can see why the govt doesnt want to encourage us to eat more of em!)

            by the way, the only vegetable that contains every single vitamin is the humble pea! so there you go, eat your peas!!!!

            i know all this cos my daughter was learning about it at school and i also learned something from it!

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              I am at odds with you there Annabel, cos I read somewhere or heard on the radio - can't remember which - that you can't take 5 glasses of orange juice and say 'ta very much, my job's done for the day!' :blink:

              It only counts as one - even if you drunk a vat! I don't know why, but it's to do with getting variety. S'pose it kinda defeats the object of the message to eat more fruit and veg if everyone just goes and quaffs pints of OJ only.

              After all, how much is one glass??!!

              Glad that the potato query has been answered though! It's all to do with being too starchy.



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                I am at odds with you there Annabel, cos I read somewhere or heard on the radio - can't remember which - that you can't take 5 glasses of orange juice and say 'ta very much, my job's done for the day!'

                I heard that somewhere too, Mazza. You should be eating five different fruits because they each contain something different. And a portion is as much as you can hold in one hand.

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                  So, I'm guessing that my intake of:

                  - 1 jacket potato

                  - 1 mashed potato (with lashings of butter)

                  - 1 portion of chips

                  - 2 glasses fresh orange

                  Doesn't fulfill the 5 a day rule...

                  :P :lol:


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                    Doesn't look like it Holly :sad:

                    But you've got a head start with the OJ


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                      I see the debate still rages on :P :P :P

                      Hollygolightly.....doesn't quite cut it :P :lol:



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                        BTW Holly - if you have baked beans on your jacket, then they count as one!!


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                          Yes, but if I have two portions of baked beans is that 2 of my quota of 5??? :blink: :lol: :blink:


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                            a well known brand of beans (beginging with H!) actually put it on the side of the tin!

                            they do it on soup as well!

                            very helpful of them I think :lol:


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                              do individual chips count? ...five chips :P

                              or a bag of crisps count as potatoe?

                              i really think i should eat better

                              but had a rooley meal yestereve at friends .. bit ole steak [ sorry vegans!] cooked wit galric and herby stuff and red wine ...then with herby mild cheese on ...and mushroom and onion concoction with cashew nuts [ i think they were cashew] ..and some salad and a nice poppy seed roll .....a may be simple but at least i'm easily fed!!