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  • Which Mobile?

    OK .. by current mobile phone is coming to the end of its useful working life (basically I'm sick of the sight of it), its an old Motorola Talkabout - chunky, boring etc.

    I use my mobile for occasional contact with family members and friends when out and about, for quick contact when I'm out of the office at work, and for emergency situations.

    Its on a pay as you go tariff, so I try to encourage people to call me

    I was looking for a smaller phone, pay as you go, possibly clamshell design - not bothered about all the fancy things people seem to demand these days (java games, bluetooth, cameras etc)

    I came across the Sendo M550, for sale on the new Tesco pay as you go system (wow .. Tesco seem to sell everything now!) for £99.99 (or £75.99 if you spend £25 or more in store) - What do you think? Is there something better?

    heres a link to the Sendo info page

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    i have swapped a few mobile phones in my time, as i tend to like the latest models, and i honestly believe that the best phones are Nokias. i have had motorola, samsung, siemens and a few others and they just dont have the ease of use and options on them that nokias have, e.g. the best ringtones. you might not be bothered with that but other functions might be useful, like an alarm and a diary that reminds you of events by buzzing at you.

    i dont know what the sendo would be like, and i have seen that deal in tescos and decided against it, but then again i am not on pay as you go, i prefer a contract. i seem to recall maybe tesco had a nokia on pay as you go...have you looked at that one? if it isnt in tesco is probably in woolworths...

    all good fun!!!

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      I use a Nokia. I've used other brands but I find the Nokia the most user friendly. I have no interest at all in the bells, whistles and gizmos - my current phone probably has these but I haven't a clue how to use them.

      Fot the important things - making and receiveing calls - storing phone numbers, sending text etc. It's easy and effective. I think the network is also an issue to consider. I use vodaphone and have used cellnet - I prefer vodaphone.


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        I have a Nokia and am on Vodaphone pay-as-you-go.

        Although, I like the look of that phone FF and that's a good deal at Tesco's. I might put it on my list for Santa.


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          Had a few, both work and private. Tried the tiny ones, the folding ones - and always end up back with Nokia. They just seem to do things easier than the others!

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            Each to their own...but I love my Samsung....on my 4th one!! Beautifully navigable!



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              Hi Freaks,

              I got a deal off Tesco a while ago with a make I'd never heard of - Trium. :mobile:

              The deal was great, 30 quid for the phone and it's pay as you go on Vodafone. The phone's a bit dated now, but works perfectly well, never had any probs with it at all.

              The only thing I can say is that I wouldn't know where to go if I needed a new battery (I never have had to change it cos I hardly use the thing) as the make seems to be a bit obscure.

              With the phone you are looking at, I've never heard of it either so I think you might end up feeling the same as me over time. Plus it's hard to find accessories in the future (eg case, new fascia).

              Having said that, if you hardly use it like me, it should do you for a good while yet

              Mazza hone:



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                Hi FF,

                I used to have the Siemans C45, this had wap and was pay as you go. Had three other phones from the same people. I found them popular, and easy to use.

                Nokia does seem to be most popular though, lots of parts both new and used. I noticed that the Sendo, has gprs. If you wanted to try some thing different you could try a Sony T68.



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                  Argos have some pretty good deals on pas as you go mobiles, from about £60. There are various makes with different networks.



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                    Hi FF

                    I have a phone, its dark blue and plays magic roundabout when it rings!!! :lol:

                    apart from that I aint got a clue!!! :lol: :lol:


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                      Hi Beth

                      Mines a blue one too and it play the theme tune from "The Good Life". I don't know what make it is, and I never know where the charger is.

                      Maybe we have the same phone?

                      Blue Cow