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Do you like Christmas?

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  • Do you like Christmas?

    Talk of this (cough, cough) special time has now started here on NFHiB .

    What's your view?
    I love Christmas and wish it were Christmas all year round
    I love Christmas and start planning in August (or before!)
    I like Christmas, but don't like the hype/hard sell
    I like starting buying in December, then really enjoy
    I leave everything until the last minute
    Christmas is just for children, I can't stand the rest of it
    It's time for a nice dinner
    What's Christmas?

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    bah humbug!! :badmood:

    yah boo to christmas!! :P

    christmas means to me, double time, working and having to travel to see family, too many adverts and children screaming in supermarkets, when the parents leave everything to the last minute and then fight over the last bag of brussels, even though the kids hate brussels and it will cause a row at the dinner table (I love brussels BTW!!)

    its just another day, it lost the true meaning, if peolpe got the true meaning back I would be happier about the whole affiar.

    so there thats how I feel :P


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      Originally posted by HadEnough@Oct 18 2003, 11:55 PM

      Nearly finished my Christmas shopping
      :sicky: :lol:

      I can just feel that this Poll is going to be a good one! :P


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        my mum calls me scrooge! :lol:

        I dont care!!

        I enjoy baking my dog her birthday cake more than Christmas!! :lol:


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          i like leaving stuff to last part of the fun! iono it is a whole build up to what is usually an anti-climax day, but it rooled in all sorts of ways years go, which wsa good, and i love this time of year anyway...iono i just like the "crisp" air and stuff side scenery all white with frost or great is that.

          i think it will be enjoyedable is experianced as should..."ppl getting together" its good seeing kids (e.g. younger sister) as we were once...all happy over the little things.

          i think the "spirit" is getting lost but its like that with everything these days morons all over the place...but this year it will be all happy and stuff beth!

          "the stocking is half full "


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            no she cant have rich fruit cake as it gives her wind, and no human would want to to eat her specail birthday cakes!!

            we are all different and I dont do Christmas the same way as you!


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              Vernon, I think your view on Christmas is pretty much the same as mine. You've said it much better than I could, thanks .


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                its the effort of preparation and anticipation I dont like.

                I like sitting with Matthew and having a glass of wine and crashing, after I finish work.......last year I had to do a shift from xmas day into boxing day.

                I always think of the poor old workers at christmas, the nurses and firefighters etc, and the residentail workers.

                we make the best xmas we can for the people we work with, not that they ever appriacte it! :lol:

                not everyone gets to sit with family at xmas, some people dont have families or friends.

                many of the people I work with dont even get a phone call from family

                other do great work, saving lives and other things, right down to the people who work in the tv studios to bring you the queen at 3pm

                so christams for me is another working day, where I dont get to spend the whole time with people I love

                so this year, instead of getting stressed out by the turkey not cooking on time, please look around at the people you are with and think how lucky you are.

                thats one of the meanings of christmas.


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                  I choose not to have the patter of tiny feet (apart from paws) as part of my family. I know though that there are those who would love to but cant.

                  Christmas can be a time of great joy, but I do feel that much of that has been lost over recent years. It is special for children, who are taught about "santa", but then I feel sorry for parents who are pushed to spend to provide. Which is so wrong.

                  I was pleased when I got a satsuma! :P

                  BTW Beth, OH is working over Christmas as am I, so it'll be a quick dash to M&S on the 24th to get the left overs for a bit of supper on the 25th! :lol:


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                    Bit worried about Crimbo this year, but it does make me appreciate even more the Christmasses past :sad:

                    When you have kids, it's definitely more fun. I was very 'Beth' (!) until I had littl'uns, now I quite like it again

                    Satsumas were the BEST thing in my stocking!!! My kids get them now!

                    I am starting to actually understand Vernon's chat, so I'd better go to bed :hihi:


                    :newyear: :newyear:


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                      I like snow underfoot when it's sunny and cold. And real Christmas trees. I'm always last minute. have been known to be still wrapping when Christmas dinner is being served......half the excitement.

                      Dispute the fact that some pitter-patter makes that much of a difference, sorry!

                      This year, would like to escape the country, take Christmas with a pinch of salt, in a hot environment.



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                        I thoroughly enjoy Christmas and not just because it is time of work or a time to drink and be merry.

                        I do too.

                        It's easy to get caught up in all the hype, and I can see why some people just find it all too much

                        Christmas for me is a time to be spent with those that are closest to you. It's a time for peace and love to all and is a very special and symbolic time of year. I always try and make the most of special times like Christmas and birthdays, and I hope that everyone has a good one.

                        :newyear: :newyear: :newyear:

                        (ho ho ho)


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                          When I was a kid Christmas was more about the family than food and pressies Mum and Dad didnt have two ha'pennies to rub together so pressies were small and sometimes none-existant.

                          As I got older and went to work things got better Then I married a soldier who became a policeman and although the pressies were there and the food was there, most of the time he wasn't

                          Christmas should be about being among friends and family and treasuring them. You can buy presents but you can't buy love (oh, ok some people are lucky enough to have both :P )

                          Commercialism and schmatzy films give Christmas an image that always fails to satisfy in the real world, which is sad, I suppose.

                          What is really sad is the fact that there are lots of people who for one reason or another have to spend Christmas alone or seperated from friends and family. Seeing scenes of merriment, hearing people planning parties etc must make their feelings of isolation so much more intense

                          Now I'm getting maudlin so I'll shut up

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            christmas time there is always a higher rate of suicide too, and the sameratians receive more calls at that time of year.

                            my Dad was in the forces too Misty, he was a MOD firefighter, I remember one year me and mum had chicken and chips on christmas day.

                            he worked 8 christmas in a row when I was little and it was a huge deal when he got the first one off.

                            saying that out of 12 christmas days I have worked 10 of them!

                            A lot of the time is becuase workmates who have children get me that is not equal opps, just because I do not have kids doenst mean I should have to work each year. this also happens at easter!

                            I also have a more personal reason for working christmas.

                            I try and work the early turn so I can spend the evening at home with my loved ones. it doesnt always turn out the way you want though


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                              i have heard that too beth...not that your dad was a MOD firefighter...but about high suicide rate and ppl being unhappy at christmas...for the reasons misty said ...the media gives the impression of the "perfect christmas " everyone should have so if you don't have lots of friends or family you may feel ..whats the werd "inadequate" or something, makes you notice that much more what you don't have e.g. an udder half.

                              At least for this year i will try to be happy and nice to everyone! ..oh wait...that implies i wouldn't other times ..:P

                              I think the volunteer / samartian's type are so undervalued ..all the nice ppl who help out other ppl out of the kindness of their heart are!

                              a big hand to them!

                              *clap, clap*

                              did i digress.