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    I have Windows XP on a new PC. All was well until 3 weeks ago. Now, everytime I am on internet, i get these grey coloured pop up boxes appear asking me if I would like to visit a web site, such as and stop the things forever. Feel my PC has been attacked and these pop up things drive me barmy!! Also, I am now getting a message box shoot out the side of the screen (about 5 per hour)telling me that an attempt by a trojan horse has ben trying to get in but has been blocked. I click on message and a map of world appears telling me where the trojan horse IP adress is. This also drives me mad.

    have Norton internet security virus thing, regularly do the live updates and run virus scan - never a virus on PC.

    So, the questions are:

    1. How do I stop these pop up ads. The web sites they ask me to visit want money to download the stuff to stop them. Don't want to do this as I never got the ads till recently so I fel a scam is in operation

    2. Why do trojan horses keep attacking my PC???

    Am ok with PCs (and cars) until they go wrong.

    Would be greatful for any advice.


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    Hi, John!

    Apparently it is Windows Messenger they are using to put the pop-ups onto your system. There is a way to stop them, but I am not certain about it.


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      you can get a pop up killer which you can turn on and off, it might effect your PMs from this site, but thats why you can turn it on and off....ummm

      ask Matthew!!!! :lol:

      sorry John! Matthew explains techy stuff to me, but I really dont have the patience to even try to take it in, so I get left with bits of pop up killlers!! :lol:


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        Hi John,

        sorry can't help but can only say you are not alone cos I know someone with Windows XP (new too) and they have the same thing going on - how aggravating!!!

        I think I'll stick to my noisy old banger :lol:

        Hopefully someone will come to your rescue very soon




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          Try the following forum

          If you look in the "windows & software" section you will find a most important list which gives links to loads of useful utilities to help with this kind of thing.


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            Hi John

            Maybe worth a look at the "downloads" section on the following site, plenty of free download there.




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              ad-aware sorted it for me .

              Muckshifter's Forum should have details on it, or Matthew should be able to provide a link.

              Or just type that into a search engine and yuo should find it.

              Hope it solves your pop-up problem (nightmare aren't they :huh: ).


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                Oh dear

                Did Ad-Aware but am now geting more and more pop ups! Did I do somthing wong?

                Can Windows Messenger be switched off? I had a look but cannot find an off button.

                The Trojan things seem to have stopped. I did nowt so why they stopped is beyond me!
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                  For the pop-ups try this:


                  Also, have you updated adaware - there's an online update facility which you should run.

                  Depending on which version of windows you have, you may be able to turn off windows messenger - you can with Windows XP with service pack 1 applied.

                  There is another spyware prog like Adaware which you could try. It;s called Spybot and and you should be able to get ti at:


                  hope this is of some help


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                    Can Windows Messenger be switched off?

                    I wish I knew, John, I couldn't find out where to do it. I even tried to remove it. However I have zonealarm installed and you can set that so that it blocks messenger from connecting. You can download a free version from:

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                      Originally posted by hollygolightly@Oct 18 2003, 9:17 PM

                      ad-aware sorted it for meĀ* .

                      Muckshifter's Forum should have details on it, or Matthew should be able to provide a link.
                      Yep. Mucks' place will help with more detail:



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                        I hate the underhand way in which some advertisers 'hijack' your system to send adverts to you.

                        'scumware' they call it.

                        Every computer should have 'zonealarm' included when its sold.

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                          Thanks for suggestions. Will try them all at weekend!

                          The grey message boxes are bigger tonight - practically fill whole screen!

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                            Just looked back at your first post in this thread and I see that you have Windows XP. If you have logged onto the microsoft update page and applied the updates there - especially Service Pack 1, you will have a facility to remove Windows Messenger.

                            Go to the control panel and run the "Add/Remove" program. You will see a button that says something like "Add/Remove Windows Components". Select this and then scroll down through the list of components and you should find Windows messenger with a check box next to it. Uncheck this and hit "apply". next time you boot, WM should have gone.