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Michael Portillo becomes a single mum

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  • Michael Portillo becomes a single mum

    Link as below:

    Michael Portillo Link

    I suppose it's like wife-swap with a twist (?!) :unsure:

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    I think this will be hilarious! Saw a clip of an interview with him about this yesterday....he didn't seem any wiser as to how the other half lives



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      I'm looking forward to seeing this

      I never used to like Michael Portillo but I'm starting to warm to him

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        I think it'll be fun to see how he manages to cope with: two part time jobs, caring for four (3?) children, keeping the house ship shape and living off less than £80 for the week.


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          Like Misty I never used to think much of Michael Portillo - found him arrogant and unsympathetic to those less well off than himself. He seems, to me at least, to be rather more mellow and caring. I wonder if the savage defeat he suffered when he lost his seat at the general election made him take another look at himself. I think this will be an interesting programme - although not one that will make any actual difference.


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            I thought that he coped really well. I missed the end, so didn't see what the feedback was, but he seemed to be doing fine. I don't think that many MPs would know where to even start, and I didn't see him complain once (maybe it was edited well!).

            He came across as very calm and fair and I'm sure that it's done his public credibility the world of good.


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              I really enjoyed this programme and was very impressed with the way he coped. Yes, he got things wrong but he also showed considerable insight. How many of us would have coped so well transplanted into a totally different way of life. He has very little experience of dealing with youngsters but he tried to impose discipline and general good behaviour. It was interesting to see that their mum was not entirely opposed to his performance. I think some mutual understanding came out of the exercise


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                yeah, I enjoyed it aswell, dont think Iwould of watched it if you guys hadnt of mentioned it!

                he was funny when he was dancing in the kitchen! :lol:

                and he actually picked that egg up and put it in the bowl!! do you think they let him fed that to the children???

                hope he has a bit more insight now


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                  I'm ashamed to say that if I drop sometning on the floor when cooking (which I love to do) I do tend to do a Portillo and pick it up and use it. Mind you I'm usually just cooking for myself when I do that. My daughter ( grown up - just about) descibes this as "minging". No idea what this means, but it sounds rigtht. I think Michael was just doing a "bloke thing"


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                    Missed it, only realised it was on after it had finished :sad:

                    Hoping it will appear on BBC3 sometime.

                    Sounds good though!


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                      minging as you dirty little minger!

                      or if you smell or look dirty you are a minger or you ming!!

                      dont know where it comes from though, words are funny things!


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                        A good, entertaining programme, I thought.

                        Little Eloise seemed determined to make life difficult from the start :lol: I liked the bit in the butchers where that woman asked him what he was doing there and he said 'buying a chicken' :lol: All in all, considering he hasn't any children of his own I thought he coped quite well. He didn't set out to be 'supermum' but he didn't do to bad a job.

                        I suppose it was to be expected that the kids would miss their mum so it must have been a bit of a strain on them as well.

                        I'm thinking of having a break, who can I ask to come and live my life for a week, I wonder?

                        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                          I really enjoyed the programme too. I thought he coped admirably .

                          I have warmed to him after watching him in that. I really liked the way he encouraged the children to sit at the table and to ask if they could leave the table after a meal. Something as little as that, but like the mum said, it's not something the children are used to. A little bit of discipline.

                          Did you see them on the opposite neighbours scaffolding? :unsure:

                          And, what did he mean about the neighbours??? :blink: