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TV soaps and serials portraying neighbours

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  • TV soaps and serials portraying neighbours


    I saw Matthew's post about

    "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that I'm a rubbish neighbour"

    (see below),

    [I'll write about the TV soaps in my next post on this topic

    which I find really interesting].

    A NEW survey has shown that Londoners are the worst when it comes to being good neighbours - which is not a big surprise.

    The National Housing Federation (NHF) has found that only 31 per cent talk to their neighbours on most days.

    I'm surprised it was as much as that considering how Cockneys reckon they are a cut above.

    Cockneys are a rude, ill-mannered, arrogant, ego-tistical, self-centred, know-it-all, bone idle and standoffish bunch of no marks.

    So there's no reason why living next door to them should be any good.

    They look down at people from other areas as if they are inferior - although they've never had the bottle to do anything themselves.

    Cockneys want it all on their doorstep. Jobs, pubs, shops - they don't like travelling too far.

    And because of the way the country is biased towards the capital, that's just how they get most things.

    EastEnders is a work of fiction but some of the basic points - everybody works and socialises within a short distance of their home - are the ideal situation for your average born and bred Londoner.

    Travelling a couple of streets is too much for Cockneys who are more provincial than people in the real provinces.

    The NHF survey also found that Londoners are the least satisfied with their lives.

    I don't believe that. A short walk to work, a pub within staggering distance and some pie and mash when you get in. What more could a Cockney thicko want?

    News Source: This is Hertfordshire

    Posted by Matthew on Tuesday 23rd September 2003

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    I wonder how many people really believe the soaps/serials about neighbours

    and how much truth is in the way neighbours on these serials portray

    a microcosom of real life. I could not believe "the Royals" (did anyone see

    this?) although I respected their family loyalty to each other.

    Then there was Coronation Street and the Eastenders etc.

    And of course "Keeping up appearances" (hope I have the name right)

    and even the Vicar of Dibbley. Then there is Neighbours (the Aussie

    soap) which is really nothing like real life. Does anyone think

    the Royals is a nearer a portrayal of real life? I never saw them do much

    more than sit around and talk and talk about going to the pub.

    Yet lots of people liked watching this program.

    Still, they did not look like NFH's (too lazy?). It takes a lot of energy

    and focus to be a NFH, even a part-time one. Perhaps the lady in

    Keeping Up Appearances (more of a busy body though) was nearer

    to the truth? My NFH tried to draw other people nearby into his life. I think

    a lot of people will wise up to how horrible he is in the long term.

    At least in the Royals there didn't seem to be any vindictiveness

    (I didn't see every episode). I know everything is dramatised and I wonder

    if the writers get some of their ideas from real life. The only real life

    accounts of NFH's seem to be from current affairs programs and

    one often wonders if they show the whole story ( a few times I felt

    the person portrayed as the problem was actually being ganged up

    on by the others being interviewed but it is always hard to tell).