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Avatars and Smileys

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  • Avatars and Smileys

    Just wondering about people's avatars - starting with freakyfun - that is Michael Palin, right...nobody expects...

    And I just found myself sitting watching those smilies and laughing at them.

    Maybe I need to sleep

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    Right now, sleep sounds like a good option!

    Where's your avatar from? There are some great ones going on on this forum!



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      I like Magic roundabout, found the pic doing a google search then Matthew put Beth on it for me

      the last one was me and the dog in the snow!!

      might put that one back again nearer know snow and all!! :lol:

      I love the smilies, both here and in chat, it can help you get your feelings across.

      sometimes words are just not enough! :daisy:


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        Well, I think mine speaks for itself..........but it's from the 60's Series, The Prisoner in case anyone doesn't know the series. I'm a fan and have the complete (sadly, not many made) set.

        The avatar words are obviously double meaning both to NFH and The Prisoner. A few avatars/smileys have been made by me for NFH and members, the rest I've picked up over various sources. I like your avatar Reinen actually


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          Mine was a present from Matthew Because I love rants thank you Matthew

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Originally posted by Mistyeyeddreamer@Sep 21 2003, 2:58 PM

            thank you Matthew
            A pleasure Misty It seems ages ago we made that up now doesn't it?!


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              I think it's all very clever - mine's one of your 'off the peg' ones from the profile settings bit (gallery thingie).

              I wouldn't know where to begin to get my own one on!!

              I'd never even heard of the word 'avatar' until I first came to this forum! :withstupid:

              I love the emoticons - even if I am writing a hand written letter, I sometimes look to click on a smiley!!




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                If you'd like a personalised one Mazza just PM and let me know what you'd like on it, e.g name/pic - and can send you it.

                Avatar is a strange word I agree, I hadn't heard it until a few years back and I looked it up then to see what it meant! Here's a couple of similar translations I read of it before:

                Main Entry: av·a·tar

                Pronunciation: 'a-v&-"tär

                Function: noun

                Etymology: Sanskrit avatAra descent, from avatarati he descends, from ava- away + tarati he crosses over -- more at UKASE, THROUGH

                Date: 1784

                1 : the incarnation of a Hindu deity (as Vishnu)

                2 a : an incarnation in human form b : an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person

                3 : a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity


                "a visible manifestation of an abstract concept"


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                  Mine's from the now deceased TV series, Sliders - Parallel Universes and all that

                  I think I'll go look for some of those Prisoner episodes actually. That was one freaky show!


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                    Originally posted by Reinen@Sep 21 2003, 3:40 PM

                    I think I'll go look for some of those Prisoner episodes actually. That was one freaky show!

                    They sometimes appear on the Sci-Fi channel too if we're thinking off the net.

                    Channel 4/5 - can't remember which showed some of them last year too.


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                      I bought a postcard with "Neighbourhood Witch" on it, the yellow/black picture of Neighbourhood Watch had been altered and a witch on a broomstick was in place of the normal piccy.

                      I mentioned it to Matthew and he scoured the net and found that picture and another one (my current one) - I liked it better and there my story ends!

                      Again, thank you Matthew aka Avatar Hunter :lol: .


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                        Meant to say thanks for the offer of a personalised Avatar, Matthew .

                        I have been mulling over what to have and realise I am quite fond of my smiley sun now!! :wub:

                        It's kind of symbolic to me as I picked it when I felt a big black raincloud was sitting on my shoulders (sometimes, it still does...)

                        But I may change my mind if something else catches my eye!! :lol:

                        It's very interesting to know how others came to choose their avatars!