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  • recipies, hobbies and other distractions


    I don't know how everyone else copes with trying to have a life in the

    midst of NFH's and other nasty effects on one's life.

    I am trying to start cooking again ( I am going back to my vegetarian

    lifestyle). Anyone got any favourite recipes? Also, does anyone have hobbies

    these days or are hobbies extinct (is everyone glued to the TV)?

    I still plan to have a mini garden and I want to find out what type of

    bird is making such beautiful noises in my new area (after moving).

    I also like books and have to get back to reading. Anyone read any good

    books lately? Even music is nice (not turned up loud of course) and some

    music videos. A friend has ordered me some Catherine Cookson videos

    as a present (now don't say soppy), produced by Time Life? if they ever

    get here. Anyway, looking forward to any responses re recipes etc.

    A friend of mine has gone on a 70 per cent raw veg diet and says she

    has lost kilos and is now off blood pressure tablets. Pretty extreme but

    when you consider how much cooking kills vitamins, who knows?

    She also swears by her own herbal brews and eating fresh herbs as

    keeping energy levels up. I don't know if I will ever get to that stage

    but it sure sounds healthy.


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    I was given a top tip this week

    I have grown some tomatoes outside and due to the northeren winds the skins were very hard and they couldnt be eaten as salad

    a friend suggested that I put them in an oven tray with some onoins garlic and a drop of oil and cooked them down into a pasta sauce

    it was lovely, we had them last night for our tea

    I am a veggie and I love to chomp on raw carrotts, especailly when I am on here!!

    get a load of seasonal veg, part cook them in water, drain them, make a cheese sauce (home made is best) and cook them for another 10 mins in the sauce, serve up with rice......deliciuos!!


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      And with winter coming up here Melanie, I will be making vats of veggie soups/stews! May not be the weather for it in your neck of the woods though

      Like Beth's tomato idea though



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        hello mel, everythng betterish yet there?

        I have started reading "northern lights" part of the "his dark materials" trilogy books by philip pullman...seems good to me so far...

        hobbies ay?...using interweb...watching films! :P

        i know somewun who went on the ultra healthey fresh food and grain and low cholesterol diets...made weight go but they started feeling really weak and run down after a few months....maybe balance is the key...a salad followed by cadburys fruit and nut :P , with roast chicken on toast.


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          Hi All,

          Nice ideas for the veges and cheese sauce (yum).

          I noticed the local supermarket is stocking fake bacon

          ("Not bacon") which is great with eggs (made from Soya).

          Vernon, thanks for the note. We are surviving at present and

          things are a little better since the move.

          Re vegetarians, some of the fittest and healthiest people I know

          are Vegans (one step more than vegetarians). A doctor I know

          from overseas visited (he is Vegan) and I took him to look at

          some of the local spots and I just could not keep up with him.

          Same goes of a man I know in his 70's (also vegetarian).

          He is fitter than most people I know. There is a balance to being

          vegetarian which includes eating from all the food ranges

          such as veges, legumes, nuts and wholemeal bread etc.

          Some top athletes are vegetarian and vegetarianism leads to

          a healthy heart (less cholesterol). My mum is veg and is on no

          medication at all except for the occassional anti-histamine in Spring.

          The doctors marvel at her health. We lapsed for a while and went

          back to fish and chicken due to the stress in working through the

          main part of our move (not much vegetarian takeaway).

          I don't feel any healthier for eating dead animals

          though and felt better when I was veg. Even MacDonalds is doing a

          vegeburger now which is good.

          I have a slow cooker I hope to start up again and a rice cooker

          (guarantees perfect rice that doesn't burn and even manages brown

          rice). Salads are nice and there are some yummy dressings.

          Vegetarian lasagne is good too (I pre-cook the veges).

          Your book sounds interesting Vernon. I hope to read again once I

          am able to (I can't concentrate on reading as well as I once could

          and this is part of a stress disorder). Still, I managed to watch

          some movies this week which is progress for me.

          The tomato idea sounds yummy. Everyone is in to sun-dried tomatoes

          but I dont think they are that nice. I love tomatoes and cheese under the

          grill. Tomatoes are also meant to be a good anti cancer preventative

          so they say.



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            maybe its me being cynical...but those veggie burgers at macdonalds...are they they cooked on there own special grill


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              not in this country vern!

              sometimes they tell you sometimes they dont!

              I dont eat at McDs on principle but I will not rant about that here though!! :lol:

              the vegies bacon is quite nice.....if you drown it in ketchup first!! :lol: I grill it rather than frying as they suggest, it makes it soggy if you fry it, smell is realistic

              quorn people have come out with some lovely things recently, there are these to die for chunk thing which come in chinese and indian flavours, even the meat eaters at work enjoyed helping me eat those!

              they are also great with rice or pasta


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                i am sure there was a big furore a while back about mcdonalds cooking the veggie burgers in the same oil as the nuggets and apparently they were suposed to have stopped all that and they are cooked separately. as are the chips.

                does any one remember the myth about macdonalds apple pies actually being made of marrow, with apple flavouring added? and the chips actually being rice flour?

                i used to be a veggie, melanie, but i fell off the wagon when i was expecting my daughter, and guess what caused me to lapse...yep ...big mac!

                i still feel bad about it even now.

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                  Re: the tomatoes - add a dash of balsamic vinegar in with it all (onions - red are nicest, garlic, olive oil), marinate for about 30 minutes then roast. Yummy .

                  Just tried mashed sweet potato, mmm, very nice - also nice roasted.

                  Another fave is big mushrooms - chop stalks off & put in a bowl, mix with breadcrumbs, garlic, fresh herbs (whatever takes your fancy) and olice oil - stuff the mixture back into the mushrooms and roast until soft and squidgy. Mmmm. :lol: You can added grated cheese too - Emmental is the best one to use (IMO)


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                    ok, if you are a veggie dont drink the shakes at McDs

                    they are made from pure cochnianal, beetles, that goes for the mc flurries as well

                    the chips are seasoned in a meat extract apart from the salt and yes the veggie burgers are cooked with the meat, which came from cows who lived in agentnia who were bought very cheaply as the land they were raised on was once the rain forest

                    sorry.....I ranted! :blush:

                    wether these practices have changed or not, its still too late for me to go eat there


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                      Originally posted by hollygolightly@Sep 7 2003, 10:21 PM

                      Re: the tomatoes - add a dash of balsamic vinegar in with it all (onions - red are nicest, garlic, olive oil), marinate for about 30 minutes then roast. Yummy* .

                      sounds nice Holly!

                      not too keen on mushrooms though!


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                        MMMMMmmm, stop it, making me hungry :lol:

                        NOT the McD's, I mean :P


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                          Ok, Melanie, here's one of my fave recipes: Make some crumble mix, but do not add sugar. Then put some savoury stuff in an overnproof casserole style dish. (This can be a mix you'd use for a pie, or mixed veg and a sauce, etc.)

                          Then add the crumble and cook for as long as you would do a fruit crumble.

                          You can add grated cheese to the crumble mix and then add grated cheese to the top. You can also put cheese into the pie mix, too.


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                            Mmmm .. food topic.

                            I do most of the cooking at home .. actually I do all the cooking at home come to think of it

                            My fave recipes: (I don't use quantities much .. just do it how I feel at the time)

                            Starter - Tomato salad

                            Take 3 large plum tomatoes, and chop into 1 inch chunks.

                            Add cubes of fresh feta cheese.

                            Add a sprinkling of chopped olives.

                            Cover liberally with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

                            Spoon onto a bed of washed lettuce.

                            Main course - Hot chilli!

                            Brown minced beef in hot oil in a large wok (or non-stick pan)

                            Add onion and one green chilli (finely chopped)

                            Cook until onion is soft.

                            Add chopped tomatoes (tinned or fresh - up to you)

                            Add tin of kidney beans

                            Add tin of baked beans (odd I know .. but it adds something scrummy)

                            Add a dash of cinnamon (spelling?)

                            Add some garlic paste and tomato paste

                            Cook until thick and bubbling.

                            Serve with big dollops of sour cream, rice and crunchy tacos

                            I'm trying to learn how to do curries properly at the moment (without having to use a bought sauce) - its hard getting the consistency right


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                              The chilli sounds nice FF - will try it.

                              "proper" curry!:

                              brown onions (you can add 1 or two whole bits of the following at this stage: cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom (?) pods)


                              fresh crushed ginger & garlic

                              chilli powder



                              ground coriander

                              ground cumin (no more than half a teaspoon)

                              and mix

                              add meat/veg of choice

                              cover and cook on a low heat for a while

                              add tomatoes

                              continue to cook (covered) on a low heat

                              add a bit of water if it starts sticking.

                              Mmmm Yummy!