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Want to win £100 quid ?

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  • Want to win £100 quid ?

    Basically its a game where you buy and sell shares, on the celebdaq league board. And you can win £100 pounds if you do really well.

    They give you 10,000 pounds to start with [not real money] shame, and you can create mini leagues to play with family or friends. The web address is

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    Just been for a look.....looks fun, gonna have a go!



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      i have been nosing around this as well, and my conclusion is that some of the shares are well over priced !!!!! if this was a real market i am sure the bubble would have burst already!!! :lol:

      but it is a laugh and good fun, if u can be bothered to keep up with celeb goss!

      p.s. i suggest a few quid on rachel stevens out of sclub 7

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        Gosh, sounds like fun! I might have a go...


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          OK, I signed up -and within 2 minutes had already made a small loss! Doesn't look like I am going to win the £100! Well, not this week, anyway! :lol:


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            As usual, another BBC mess! Why, why, WHY do they insist on designing their own software which never works quite as well as commercially available and probably cheaper products?

            Their log-in recognition keeps failing. And on their message boards (same with this Celebdaq service) they keep losing registration details.


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              After re-logging in I succeeded and this Celabdaq thing is great fun!


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                hah, i'm in profit after 36 hours..

                some of it is a bit crappy though, there's a thing where if you reach £1million over the weekend you get "kneecapped" and they drop you back to the point you started at, there's a way around it by selling/buying repeatedly to get yourself down to £999,999.99 before a sunday evening, seems the regulars know how to best work the system to give themselves a much better chance of winning than anyone else has...


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                  But, you've just reduced the "regulars" odds of winning nicely :lol: And in an altruistic fashion towards your fellow members here :lol:

                  Good luck all



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                    Yep. What a nice person! :lol:


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                      Well guys & girls,

                      Come friday I will be buying my shares again. my best position so far has been 33952 and my worst 78682. And I have a cool 40 thousand. I started with one account but I am a bad loser so now I have 3.



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                        Due to some bizarre BBC logon error I have two accounts, both with the same name, but only one I can access on their system. Though they only send me email updates on the account I CAN'T access! :lol:


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                          heh, i'm at 13 thousand and odd-th position on the league board... got just under £70k so far

                          update 25/09/03 - i'm now ranked in the mid 5000's ))) lol... why-oh-why can't i manage this with real money though


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                            Yay! Got in this morning and checked my Daq account while going through my mails, I'm at number 708!!!!! whooo hooo.... heh.


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                              Are you 'daq'ers' then? Shame it's not real loot eh £££££