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    I was in Scotland on my hols last week and I had cause to visit the local police station. I was reading a magazine thingy they had on display about how the various Scottish police forces have performed according to their targets.

    I know there are times when people get very frustrated at the police and their apparent lack of interest in problems. It was a big eye opener to me, coming as I do from our great metropolis where the police are all over the place, to find that for the whole of the Borders Region ( I know some of our members are from that neck of the woods) there are only 215 police officers. I know the area isnt that heavily populated but seriously, surely that isnt enough police to cover such a big area? I am now not as surprised that the police are disinterested when there are so few of them around.

    The reason why I posted this is I was at my ma in laws and a murder had been committed across the road from her last week and she said that 20 police vans and cars turned up and heaps of police, and I just thought, well if that had happened in the borders that would have probably been almost their entire force!!

    I am very confused. surely there are supposed to be more police around these days..not that i want to live in a police state, but i would feel a bit weird living somewhere with only 215 cops. makes me wonder how many actually do cover the area I live in....

    anyway must stop twittering....

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    I was a council meeting tonight and a member of the public wanted to know why there were no police there.

    it was worked out that there are at least 10 meetings per month that the police are invited to which can last many hours

    now....if you want more police on the we all do....can we afford to have them in council meetings telling us about what they are doing?? :banghead:

    if they are telling us what they are doing it means they are not actually doing it!

    now I get it but this person was disgusted that there were no police officers taking part in this meeting

    cant please everyone though!! :huh:


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      It doesn't surprise me. I was at a meeting with our MP and the local Chief Constable and somebody asked him if it was true that most of the time there are only 3 police patrols on the streets for the whole of South Liverpool and the CC said yes. Where are the others? Who knows; doing paper work, chasing up witness statements, manning desks and radios, off sick......the list goes on.

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        It's taken me three weeks to arrange an interview with our local police about a criminal matter....don't blame THEM can they manage with those resources? I'm at a loss



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          Well, let's see. Why on earth don't the chief constables use their wit to sort this problem out?

          There must be many people who would love to help the police out, but can't due to health or age. There are certain very proper restrictions on special constables, with regards to health, etc.

          So, why not have a special constable-style force made up of people who could help with the paperwork, etc., etc?

          People not fit enough for special constables duties but fit enough to help out with paperwork, manning radios, etc?


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            Actually, round my way, I see they have something I haven't come across before, called "Casebuilders", who, as it seems, have the responsibility to interview witnesses, gather evidence...



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              What an interesting idea.


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                My tuppence worth,

                Whatever the police staffing levels, or the resources available, (even when working in close liaison with the public) - they can only ever treat the symptoms, and report the facts and perpetrators (if traced) in accordance with Home Office principles and the Statute books.

                It is for society to seize the initiative within the scope and meaning of the law, and address the causes wherever possible. The problem is the lack of collective will and resolve of us all to challenge and resist the behaviour and practices which serve to cultivate what we all can see (and have consulted this very website for!) all too clearly.

                Shangrila? Not really; there's no need to hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats (figuratively speaking) - perhaps if we just rolled-up our sleeves a little (figuratively speaking) and took more notice?

                Now, where's my pitchfork and lantern?



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                  Hey, Morbius, long time no see Hope things are quiet and peaceful for you.

                  I think the general public has been cowed by legislation and a welfare state, they no longer seem able to think for themselves. We're always asking government to solve our problems, I agree with you, it's about time we started doing things for ourselves or voting in people who will LISTEN and ACT for us.

                  Sometimes I wish some giant would appear and grab the population by it's collective lapels and give it a good shake :P

                  Sheesh, I don't half waffle at times :P

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Just a different idea here nothing concrete at all just the way I see whats happening.

                    Funds for the police are not that high, yes they have an extra spending budget for recruitment, but thats only part of the problem. A rookie police officer needs to be supervised for most of their two year probationary period. The have to be taken under the wing of a more experienced officer. Now with the experienced officers going off sick through stress and other things and also retirement issues your facing a delicately placed stack of cards.

                    Okay the forces are now generating extra revenues from the speed cameras, but thats still not enough to cover the police retirement pension fund. I am now hearing that the funds are seriously depleted and those officers who are now paying in are going to get less than what they originally thought they would in the first place.

                    Some officers who join the force can't hack it and decide to leave and others are moved from front line duties to more covert operations namely drugs and terrorism. So all the time the thin blue line becomes - well thinner.

                    It ain't an easy life being a copper I wouldn't want to do it for the world and thats a fact, but its by their choice that they do the job that they do and the paying public has the right to expect justice.

                    But justice is erroding all sections of society now and it leaves a bitter after taste in those who are the victims of crime. It has become some sort of maxim now whereby everybody says "The criminals are running riot and getting away scot free making a mockery of our laws". This has become more so since the introduction of the Human Rights Act. I think this was both misguided and foolish to introduce this act and I would like to see a successive government abolish/opt out of it.


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                      Strangely, no government since I can recall (1970) has done much to deal properly with crime and criminals.


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                        I was in the city centre of Liverpool last night, at a school reunion. To say the police presence was heavy would be an understatement. As we were waiting outside the venue for our lifts at around 10.30pm we saw mounted police(8 officers on horseback), police cars, vans full of officers, etc. I think probably most on-duty officers were down there so heaven help people in the suburbs who needed help!

                        Things have changed so much since I was a young clubber. Then the city centre streets were mostly deserted but I think that now, city centres are as busy, if not busier after midnight than during the day and that is where most of the police are concentrated. We need a few power cuts

                        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi