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    Hi. I need to get a website put onto the net. Someone has very badly let me down, they have (I think) sold the website they were sub-letting a section for my website, and "forgot" to tell me. Nice.

    So, I have a nice new website on Microsoft Frontpage 2000. And I need a free web hosting service that can accept Microsoft Frontpage (without paying a premium for the site).

    Does anyone know of any such service?

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    I don't know of any decent free hosting anymore. The following site is very cheap, which I use:

    £23.50 for a year.

    Might be worth it, for some peace of mind.

    I believe you can order now and then pop a postal order, cheque in the post. Or use CC.

    I am not affiliated with the hosting company.


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      Thanks, mate! I think that sounds as close to cheap as I can get! I'll check it out tomorrow.


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        Try (aka they're pretty cheap, i think it's about £17+vat for a domain name (£17 +vat get's you 2 years), this includes unlimited webspace, free hosting, unlimited email addies etc. used to host my sites through them with no complaints.


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          Can't help personally but I've always found this site

          very helpful for things like this


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            Thanks, this has all been very helpful.