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    Well folks it was "Goodbye, Simone" last night.

    Hurray :lol:

    For the ONE member who likes Fame Academy, please post here :lol: :lol: to let us all know what you think to the students/ show/ who did good/bad...

    Why aren't there more duets like last year?

    Why are we losing two students a week?

    Wasn't Robin Gibb appalling - he was more frightened than the students and his voice went all quaky shaky. :lol:

    Who's out on Wednesday???? :huh:

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    Now either we were both too drunk (possible) or our tele took on a life of it's own and refused to transmit it - but we watched both programmes and didn't see Robin Gibb sing, we were commenting on this today as we knew it was planned - but we never saw it happen - what part of the show was it in? it doesn't matter - we saw the while blooming lot - where was he?????!!!!!!

    Last time for losing two students a week apparently - now back to how it was last year, presumably with probation.

    That Simone, she could shatter double glazing never mind a wine glass, talk about chirpy chirpy screech screech.

    Barry was really bad and didn't deserve the public vote this week. That proves he can do anything and still get voted in. Carolyn was very good, very professional, I was quite shocked - and the judges picked Paris above her, don't understand that at all. Paris could easily front a 1960's band like The Four Tops with that voice, very dated now. - Saying that I love all those old groups!!!

    Louise is very bitchy and two faced - maybe she's just forgotten the cameras are filming 24/7?


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      Originally posted by hollygolightly@Aug 24 2003, 9:53 PM

      For the ONE member who likes Fame Academy, please post hereĀ* :lol:
      Ohhhhhhh man, I feel guilty now! Sad that is



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        ..... and another thing! When Richard Parks had a go at Patrick Keilty I almost stood up and cheered!!!

        BB was poor this year, worst so far. They need a good social mix/varied age range in there, not just pretty twee things!

        April we know you secretly watch Fame Academy and Pop idol 24/7 and it could be your specialist subject on Mastermind!!!!!!


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          spinks, Robin sang along right at the end (with Louise, Alex, Alistair and Paris) - he did "You Win Again" - it was atrocious :blink:

          Carolynne was great on Saturday, much better than "twirly whirly" Paris. :hihi:

          The "do" on Wednesday between PK & RP was great. :lol:


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            Ah!! We switched over straight away - soon as it finished, as dinner was ready!


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              Ah well then, that explains it :lol: . You missed Robin's "Master Class" *cough, cough, splutter* :lol:

              They're bring out a FA Bee Gees special album too, did you hear that bit? Ouch!


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                Well, we said goodbye to Louise yesterday.

                My favourite up to now has always been Alex, and although she did a great rendition of Soft Cell's Tainted Love, I actually think Carolynne sang better on the night.

                Peter is really getting on my nerves, he doesn't seem to change or evolve in his perfromances.

                Who's going home next week then?

                Home, James...?

                :lol: :huh:


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                  Boring to agree on these matters but I do!

                  Carolynne is te only one who gets better and sounds like a professional singer - Pete I championed from teh start only to find he's a one trick pony and judging by his 'performances' does actually belong in a circus. If he could only learn to actually sing somewhat he'd be a winner!

                  Alex, disagree on that now, didn't particularly like her rendition of 'Tainted Love'.

                  Glad Louise went - if Richard Parks is looking for originality - just where is the originality in Louise?

                  Saying that I'm completely in agreement with him over Patrick Keilty, who is getting on my pip now big style!

                  I was addicted to Fame Academy last year and watched it on digital, but this year they've gone overboard and ruined what was good - it seems every time I look at what they're up to on 701, they're in the middle of some stupid themed party - blame Endemol for that, trying to turn it into Big Brother.

                  Just who is voting for Barry when he sings off key???? Don't get that one.


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                    Please adjust your viewing schedules!

                    Fame Academy will be on this Sunday - not Saturday (for some bizarre reason).


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                      Well, the three not voted for by the public were: paris, James and Barry.

                      The Judges saved Paris (of course ) and the students saved James (Boooo).

                      I was nearly right with my prediction. Next week James will go home :lol: .

                      I thought Barry did his best performance so far, James is a pub singer! :lol:


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                        I was wrong, again :lol: .

                        The last three were: Carolynne, Paris and Peter (so I found out from the Fame Academy website - I missed the results show as too busy gabbing away).

                        Apparentely, the Judges saved Peter ( :huh: ) and the students saved Carolynne, so Paris left the Academy.

                        The students had been saying the week before that Paris's constant singing had been getting on their nerves - great news for Carolynne.


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                          Were you gabbling away, Holly? :lol: :P :hihi:

                          So was I :hihi: Thanks for the results :P A little shocked, actually



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                            Hmmm, saw it for the first time this weekend - I fear I am being sucked into it!

                            That guy- he thinks he's David Bowie or sommat - he was just hilarious !! I am glad he was saved!! Alex was a bit naff too, I thought.

                            I agree with the comment about Patrick Kielty - I think he's why I've never really watched it before, I just don't think he's the right presenter for the programme. Cat Deely's OK though.



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                              i dont like fame academy, but i do watch pop idol, mainly because of ant n dec, they make me chuckle.

                              hiwever, this weeks show was really bad, so many of them were nervous that it was cringeworthy. thank goodness the public managed to pick the right people, michelle and chris.

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