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Fame Academy Or Pop Idol?

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  • Fame Academy Or Pop Idol?

    Who likes these programmes?

    Which do you prefer?

    Are you sad like me, who watches both by making excellent use of the video machine?


    If there are some of you out there who like them, we may have to start a thread about who we think will win in each programme.... :lol: :blink:

    Cast your votes please
    Fame Academy
    Pop Idol
    I love them both
    I can't stand either
    Never heard of them

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    Although I voted that I can't stand either of them, I did actually watch a bit of Pop Idol last week and the week before. I was so sorry for those people who could barely sing a note, why didn't their friends and family tell them?

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Can't stand either of them. Cringe material.



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        Sorry Holly - I hate them both! :sicky:

        If you've got enough takers though you're welcome to a folder area like we had for BB4!


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          :hihi: :hihi: keep campaigning's early'll win 'em over :hihi:



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            This is so sad.

            Who voted for Fame Academy????? Come on, fess up :lol:

            Poor Gary (Eddie Izzard) got voted off FA last night. What a mess he made of "Drive" by The Cars.

            Matthew, :sad: doesn't seem like there's enough fans out there to warrant a FA-v-PI folder.

            I'm waiting to be proved wrong.... :lol:

            If you haven't seem them yet: :lol: :P

            FA - Beeb 1 on Wed & Sat

            PI - ITV1 on Saturdays


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              Originally posted by hollygolightly@Aug 21 2003, 9:26 AM

              Matthew,┬* :sad: doesn't seem like there's enough fans out there to warrant a FA-v-PI folder.
              Get canvassing Holly! :P :lol:


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                Originally posted by Mistyeyeddreamer@Aug 20 2003, 10:18 PM

                I was so sorry for those people who could barely sing a note, why didn't their friends and family tell them?

                You just have to feel so sorry for them. :lol:

                Makes you cringe just watching.

                Come on everyone - get voting..... and watching :lol:


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                  Originally posted by hollygolightly@Aug 21 2003, 2:37 PM

                  Come on everyone - get voting..... and watching┬* :lol:
                  Errrrrrr, no! :P :P :P :P

                  Will leave it to Hollygopoply to give me an update


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                    Pop Idol is back on form and back to the original - loving it. It is hilarious, these people who thing they're Pop Idol material and cannae sing a note, but it also makes me glad that they're all so different and not long haired, flared trouser wearing clones. I'd rather have a chat with the no hopers than the preened and primped goers.

                    Fame Academy isn't as good as alast year as the contestants (?) are going too quickly, it's hard to champion someone when they might be gone in just a couple of days.

                    Simone - oh jeez, wailing cat material, I can't stand the noise she makes, ditto Paris and his screeching. No soul but plenty of screech the both of them.

                    Barry I kinda like, Louise I dislike intensly. She's been horrid for no reason whatsoever to Barry and is very prissy and precious, also - a millionare boyfriend? She can afford Carrie and other professional help privately, give the chance to someone else who hasn't got the bunce. She was also in a group that had a hit record - er hello?

                    Peter I like but to me he's not a solo performer, he looks like he should be fronting a band. Vocals get a bit too ropey with him too. Still, he's my favourite and the one I want to win.

                    Alex must surely be the winner. We've been trying to think who she sounds like and can only come up with Joan Armatrading, but she sounds like someone else too - who?! The angst ridden teenager wears a bit with her though, she can be annoying somewhat.

                    Carolyn seemed alright before she hooked up with Louise. I don't think she's naturally bitchy, Louise does all the running there. She has a good natural strong voice but it isn't being brought out yet.

                    The pointy nose one (can't remember his name) might be a dark horse as he's the thinking girls crooner.


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                      Hurray - thanks for all that spinks :lol:

                      Pointy nose - Alistair

                      Alex - do you think she sounds a bit like Pink? I thought she' should have done the song that Carolynne did last Wednesday, she would have done it much better.

                      Barry - I thought he did well on Weds. I like him (can't stand the bitchiness about him) - I agree, we need to see the "Barryness of Barry".

                      Louise sounded vile on Wed. Fingers in ears time....


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                        Now you just knew I would be watching these shows didn't you!

                        Alistair, yeah, he has a future if steered in the right direction.

                        No, I don't think Alex sounds like Pink, it's someone from further back, the eighties I think, oh it's so annoying!!!! From the first time I heard her I've been trying to think who.

                        Louise or Simone to go on Saturday hopefully.


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                          Come on everyone....

                          Did none of you watch them on Saturday?

                          Which one's better?