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    Some people might say I'm a conspiracy theorist because I don't accept the world as is portrayed in the media. In the last few years, thanks to the internet, I've found my vision of the world has been profoundly changed. I don't belong to any organisation, I'm just somebody who has not relied on the controlled media for my information.

    Here we are on a neighbours from hell website, complaining about the awful experiences that we have undergone. There seems an apathy within the police, councils, government, courts etc to do anything other than use a sticking plaster to cover the gaping wound of crime and antisocial behaviour that afflicts society. That apathy is very infectious, people see nothing happening but cheer when new laws are enacted and then slump into despair when they are not used effectively. We see people who try to defend their homes from increasing lawlessness subjected to trial and imprisonment. We are told we cannot protect ourselves but we know for sure that the police are unable to protect us either. We are caught in a trap. We are damned if we do something to protect ourselves and damned if we we don't.

    This has caused me to believe there is a much bigger agenda at work in the world. How do you stop people enquiring into what is going on with politicians, globalist bankers and transnational companies as they chase their profits and their ambitions for greater and greater power? How about you let society decay into uncontrolled criminality? Make is so people are so concerned with merely surviving in an increasingly lawless and red-tape bound world that they will not have time to worry about what the 'big boys' are up to.

    Tell people they are being 'swamped' with illegal immigrants coming here so they can milk the welfare state at the expense of hard working taxpayers. Allow the NHS to crumble and then talk of foreigners using it to get free treatment. Set one section of the population against another let one section believe that the other section are getting fairer treatment, more benefits, better government funding, etc.

    Eventually ordinary decent people will be crying out, demanding that something be done. They'll demand more laws, they'll demand that more police are on the streets enforcing those laws, they'll get so sick and tired of being the targets of petty criminals, drug abusers, antisocial gangs of kids that in desperation some will take the law into their own hands. What then do you think the government will do? I believe they will use it as an excuse to introduce draconian measures that will affect the lives of each and every one of us. We'll be forced to carry id cards. We will have no privacy as more and more government agencies are allowed to pry into our private lives. Our lives will be tightly conrolled.

    Our political leaders usually belong to one of two parties and we should be asking ourselves, who actually funds those parties. Who provides money, jobs, industry, banking etc that decides whether a country is seen as successful or not? You guessed. It's the globalists and the international bankers and the transnational companies. They are the ones who control the world; who decide which countries will have which industries and therefore jobs and prosperity. They are the ones who decide wage rates and interest rates. And do you think they're doing for the good of the country? Of course not, they are doing it to further enrich themselves and their stockholders. They have no national allegiances. They're doing it because the owners of those companies, banks etc are so rich that now the only thing they seek is POWER. So they fund all political parties so they can have a finger in all camps and then call in favours. They are powerful enough to destroy anybody who will not do their will. They can fund all sorts of educational establishments, create supposedly philanthropic agencies and organisations who can influence governments via the UN and who will do as they are told or suffer the consequences of losing their funding. They can put their own people into positions of power and manipulate stock markets and governments with relative ease. They can also make sure that their control can trickle down the line by introducing policies that patently fail to tackle crime. Hey, some of them are involved in it, especially in the drugs trade (pharmaceutical and illegal).

    And that is why our NFH are able to act with impunity. It's all part of the agenda to eventually control the population. Don't think it can happen? It happened in Germany. You should really find out who it was that funded Adolph Hitler and how those funders profited from it at the expense of millions of lives lost. And then look at the descendents of those funders and see what they are doing in the world today. Try a google search on Prescott Bush (father of George Herbert Bush and grandfather of George W.Bush) and that's only for starters. How about the Carlyle group? See who is involved in that and how they are profiting from the 'war' with Iraq.

    Want to see how international bankers and industrialists can take control of a country? Look here,00.html

    Meanwhile we ordinary people are left to live with (or die from) the mess! It's time we all woke up and smelled the coffee!

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

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    WOW Misty!!

    have you ever read Ian Rankin?

    you might like to read his "blood hunt" novel!!


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      Haven't got much to argue with there, Misty!! Can't be bothered to read the majority of the papers, don't see much unbiased news reporting(in fact, on certain big issues, far the reverse), and have no faith left in any political party!


      And the rise of a certain political party is terrifying....they've recently won a local seat here, and are pretty sure to gain more shortly....interesting allusion, therefore, to Hitler.

      Some people are moving fortunes on others' misery.



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        I totally agree Misty and thats why I don't use Esso (Exonmobil in the USA) you might all well remember the Exxon Valdize and the damage that it caused to wildlife and the catastrophy of the spill on the whole area. They very fact that the directors of this company wanted to protect their revenues rather than caring about the wider implications. It rumbled on without Exxon wanting to take responsibility for their actions for the fear of the cost of the clear up - which in turn would hit the bonus payments for the directors.

        I don't use anything by Proctor and Gamble - Why ? Because they test on animals. They don't need to test on animals but they do and they carry on regardless. I don't buy Aerial or all that rubbish I use something called Ecover which helps the enviroment and eases my mind in that I am not helping to mass pollute it either.

        All my hair, skin and body care comes from a company called Lush. I also use Neals Yard and Burts Bees stuff too - It can be a bit expensive but you only get what you pay for. They don't test on animals, only use the very safest of ingredients and is mainly all natural. My skin and hair has never looked better since using their products compared to the Pantene rubbish (another P&G product).

        Ever wondered why we are now in the grip of a fertility problem with young adults ? I can give you a probable reason as to why - next time you are in the supermarket pick up a bottle of Johnson's baby lotion and turn over to see a list of ingredients on the back. Some of those are petro chemical by products and some have links to carcinogenics (known cancer causes). There was a book published not so long back called Drop Dead Gorgeous it listed all the products that you put on your body and that will seep into your body through your skin and cause problems. Methyparabens and anything with paparbens have links to cancer. There is not conclusive evidence of it in smaller amounts, but you tweek up the quantity slightly and it becomes a danger.

        These vast companies are ripping us all off and using the psycological factor to get us to purchase their products - they then go on to make billions of pounds profit at our very expense.

        Its about time it ended and it can only be brought ot a halt through purchasing choices. My choice is not to support animal testing for the vanity of millions. I don't like what I am seeing going on in this world, but, if you stand up to it all you are singled out as a trouble maker - a vigilante even if you like - thats why I protest in a different way. I choose who gets my money and I make noises in the right peoples ears.


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          have you ever read Ian Rankin?

          No, Beth, I've not heard of him. But I think I'll probably have a look on google now you've mentioned him.

          Scooby, good for you I've heard Proctor and Gamble mentioned recently but I can't remember in which context. I sometimes listen to the Jeff Rense show on the net. He has some very interesting guests, one of whom did a prog about all these beauty products, shampoos etc. Truly frightening

          And I think in 2005 there will be EU legislation that will seriously impinge upon the vitamin and health supplement market. You'll only be able to buy the lowest dosages of vitamins, health supplements will have to undergo vigourous testing with prohibitive costs. For higher doses you'll have to get a prescription from the doctor!! And this sort of thing is happening in Canada, Australia and US. The pharmaceutical companies want in on a lucrative industry. The way it works is that if even one case of adverse reaction is attributed to a health supplement it will be withdrawn. This is all at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately they don't like the same standards applied to themselves and will spend millions, maybe billions trying to prevent court cases against them, preferring to settle out of court, because of the damage their products do to people.

          Maybe with luck an asteroid will hit and we'll all be put out of our misery

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Isn't this a case of Big Brother is watching? :huh:

            I agree totally with what you said Misty, but don't really feel able to put my viewpoint here as it's totally off the wall.


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              but don't really feel able to put my viewpoint here as it's totally off the wall.

              Oh, believe me, Holly, what I said above is only an iota of what I really want to say

              What about Tesco's going to photograph everybody who buys their stuff? They say once the item is paid for they'll clear the image, but we've only got their word for it: I've heard there's calls for a boycott Gillette products in the US because of this RFID technology.

              Who knows where it will end? Microchips embedded in our skin so we don't have to carry credit cards, id cards etc? Everything about us will be an open book. I can see a time when we'll be under scrutiny 24/7!

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Originally posted by Mistyeyeddreamer@Aug 20 2003, 11:42 AM

                Who knows where it will end?* Microchips embedded in our skin so we don't have to carry credit cards, id cards etc?
                Sounds like everything 'The Matrix' (as Vernon might say?! ).


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                  Aren't mobile phone users tracked as well? :unsure:

                  Isn't that how the Police knew that Studabaker bloke was in Germany?


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                    Every time we walk down a major high street or shop in a large store we are photographed - cctv

                    Good job I don't believe my soul will be stolen

                    The reader/receiver needs to be within a few feet of the object to gain the information

                    So they tell us

                    Aren't mobile phone users tracked as well?
                    Yes, Holly that's true as well.

                    In the immortal words of my sister 'Trust no-one'

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi