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Beware Any Caller

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  • Beware Any Caller

    Awhile ago a young lad about 16plus dressed in a cheap looking suit knocked on my door not long after a sales guy had left. It was about 2.30 in the afternoon and he said he was from the yeb, checking to see if I was interested in a money saving offer. He had no badge so I asked for id and he looked rattled and said sorry he had forgotten to bring it, and waved some papers with yeb at me. I asked where he was parked and he said he had no car.

    I declined the offer and sent him away. I rang the yeb to query this and they said they had some young guys in that area with id, I explained that he had none and left it at that.

    Police informed people a few weeks after of a young guy saying the same and sneeking into houses in my area, I wished I had told the police, but I did not want to make a fuss in case it was nothing.

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    Thanks GG, a good reminder that.

    Good one on you though, thankfully you had the insight to check and ask It's unfortunate when people like this catch out the more vulnerable people in our communities.


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      Absolutely right to check ID!!

      A lot of posing as Yorkshire Water officials round here, especially with the very vulnerable.