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Winning The Lottery

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  • Winning The Lottery

    Hi all,

    I’m offshore at the moment and spend long shifts with the same guys, as you can imagine we talk a lot of nonsense at times. Last night our conversation turned to what we would do if we won the lottery.

    A while ago, after a few glasses wine, sitting in our garden and at the height of our war with our neighbour me and my wife had a similar conversation.

    We decided if we won the lottery we would buy lovely new place miles away. As we departed we would get a bunch of builders in, with their jcb’s and level our house. Simply turn it into the biggest pile of rubble they could. Just for got measures we would then get somebody to plant hundreds of the biggest trees they could find on every inch of the rest of the area. We would turn it into the biggest eye sort on the planet. As we drove off into the sunset in our brand new car, we would remark “There you go, mate, now you really have got something to be annoyed about” :lol:

    Expensive? silly? Yeah, but hey if you won the lottery who cares?

    I was wondering would what other members would do if you won the big one and money suddenly became no object.


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    I've often thought of giving my house to a chapter of Hell's Angels if I won the lottery, but it wouldn't be fair to the majority nice neighbours I have.

    If I won I'd immediately share it with my family, so I'd only end up with an eighth. Something else I've always said is that I'd give at least one tenth of what I win to good causes ( being one of them).

    I don't think I'd try and get revenge for all that the local NFH and yobs have put me through. Why should I waste my time worrying if they're getting what they deserve? :P I suppose my satisfaction would come from them being green with envy that I'd won :lol: But I fear that fate doesn't work that way, remember that yob who won nine million? Was God having a joke? :cry:

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      I would buy the street and then evict all the NFH or make their lives sh*t like they've done ours :P

      I wouldn't stay here though...I'd go to a really nice quiet place with no neighbours for miles :hihi:



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        I'd give some to family and good causes.

        I'd buy an island, build a beautiful house, have lots of animals and live out the rest of my days in peace.


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          pay my bills and buy a big house with room for pigs (going to start a pig rescue center)

          then plow some cash into this, get a 0800 helpline and print loads of literiture off, get a postal box free post of cousre, for those victims who are not on the net,

          buy some more web space

          and get some paid staff in to help with all the messages we get (its hard work you know!!)

          by which point I will be living on the intrest my big win makes so I can go part time at work (wouldnt really want to give it up!)

          and then buy a couple of safe houses for people so we can all get a break from NFH

          might give my family a few quid!! :P if they are nice to me!! :P hehe

          oh yeah.....want to buy a couple of fields and plant trees to help the poor old ozone layer



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            Yeah, Beth and I have always seriously said if we came into Millions like this we would definitely instigate the NFH Safe House project - a house in the middle of nowhere for use by NFH members in terms of crisis.

            That would be done while I buy the Porsche and BMW sporty range


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              If I won the lottery, I would rent out my house to a very large

              family of underpriviged people at a nominal rent.

              I would buy or build a complex of homes for victims of NFH and

              victims of harassment and have it patrolled by security guards.

              The complex would include a spa an relaxation clinic (so victims

              could be pampered and forget about being victims) and there

              would be an indoor heated pool.

              I would by a home with lots of room around it so there would

              be no noise from NFH etc and I help out some charities (including

              animal charities). I would also sponsor some children in third

              world countries and sponsor bores for clean water and education

              in third world countries where I could.

              As for me, I would buy a nice car and employ a cook.



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                I'd see if I could buy my road from the council, make it into a private road for residents and their invited guests....might stop the rest of the area using it as a racetrack!!


                P.S. and open an animal people!


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                  I would buy a new Range Rover Vogue, order my Mercedes SL55 AMG and put my name down for an Aston Martin Vanquish (2 year waiting list).

                  I would also go back to university and take up law and then go on to do a post grad.

                  In the meantime that thatched cottage that I have spotted in a beautiful hamlet would be sold to moi and as for Madhatter - well he'll reap what he sows for sure, but I know this he would well pigged off seeing me looking down on him from the great height of the Rangey. Mum wouldn't move (she told me so), but then I would be able to hire a full time security guard to patrol the premises and keep Madhatter under surveillance. Cracking ! :lol:


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                    Oh, and buy my sister a nice flat, with top security, since she had to sell her house and move 250 miles away to get away from dangerous nfh!! She's been renting(v expensive) since, and would love her own place!

                    Can I win Wednesday, as it's her birthday, and it would be a cool present?



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                      If I won the lottery I would buy ten washing machines, three miles of washing lines, and a ton of pegs. And I'd better buy Unilever - unlimited washing powder! :lol:

                      But how about George in 'Drop the Dead Donkey'?

                      'what would you do if you won the lottery George?'

                      'Well........there's this nice little strimmer I've seen....'

                      Mrs B
                      BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                        :wine: :wine: Well, this is something that has often kept me going on the long bus journey to work (being a trainee solicitor I can't afford my own car - yet - but do have plans......) obviously if I won the lottery I would buy up Stagecoach and send each and every man woman and child that works there to stand in the rain on a cold january evening for 3 hours waiting for something that doesn't happen, just so they know what they have put me through over the past two years. I would also like to hire someone to have an accident over nfh's TVR with a bottle of nail polish remover and film his reaction when he sees his pride and joy buckled and melted and ruined :jump:

                        Actaully, I wouldn't do anything of the sort - as a wise man than me once said

                        Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more man's nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out
                        Francis Bacon 1561-1626

                        I too have a very large family, so wold be fairly out of pocket straight away with sharing it around - paying off mortgages and buying better houses and safer cars and a big s*d-off holiday to Florida (believe me, my skin is so pale right now you woul never think I have seen the sunshine!) I would, of course, also have a stonking couple of loans to pay off thanks to my damn stupid idea that studying at uni would be a good thing to do for 5 years...can you feel the bitterness?? Actually, hat makes me sound really ungrateful for all the opportunities i have had - sorry! :blush:

                        My ultimate 'big plan' is to write a book, so winning the lottery would free me up nicely to do that - and a lot of travelling and a lot of eating and, of course, a lot of wine drinking!! :cheers:


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                          Originally posted by Winemonkey@Aug 8 2003, 6:43 PM

                          :wine:* :wine:* of course, a lot of wine drinking!!* :cheers:
                          Oh, yes, absolutely. :lol:

                          Clink :wine:


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                            ...and at the risk of sounding like a total girly girl :kisss: one hell of a lot of shoe shopping!!


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                              Apart from the usual : helping out family and good causes and buying a new huge house (with no neighbours!), I'd keep my old house and rent it out. Preferably to foreigners, (as my NFH don't seem to like anyone not a Geordie!)



                              (Wile-E's better? Half)