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  • Who Knows Good Online Shops

    i was just looking if there are any good online cloths shops...officey type clothing....sites i found were rediculously cr*p....impossibe to have a look i was just wonderng if ppl have any good online shops they have used and regard highly

    just generally any good ones which may or may not have been found which are a good to speak, he said.

    I just yawned.

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    Sorry don't know of any good online clothes shops but I got pointed at a great online movie shop. I've used this site a few times.If you want any new movies on dvd, this is the place.

    Great prices,no rip off, all pirated (opps don't know whether I should say that. ).

    It's worth checking it out, but only look at the ones priced at $11.99 (good quality), not the cheaper $10.99 (poor quality) ones.



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      Hey, great linky.
      Spy Sweeper[/url] | Ad-Aware[/url] | SpywareBlaster[/url] | ZA Firewall[/url] | GIANT AntiSpyware

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        And for all your cleaning and cooking bits and pieces Vern you can go to :-

        They are brilliant


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          Next is quite a good one Vern


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            Ohhhh Tristar, thats a good one haven't thought about that either.

            Hey Vern, they have still got a sale on if its any help too. I have just spent a fortune in there on Saturday and ended up taking £180.00 worth of clothes back. Thats not including the ones I kept. But I only clothes shop twice a year and thats in the sales so not too bad.


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              you must be vertically challenged like moi then...5'2", very annoying when buying trousers.

              my fav online shop is QVC!!!!! (Dont tell my hubby, its a swear word to him!!!) but dont like the p&P

              try debenhams website that is cool

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