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Fancy Car Tyre Pressure Thing...?

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  • Fancy Car Tyre Pressure Thing...?

    Just been to Sainsbury's this evening - and thought long overdue to check tyre pressures on in Sainsbury's petrol station there's a fancy, gimmicky tyre pressure thing.

    Could I make head 'nor tail of it? Methinks not! :blink: :blink:

    No gauge, no button to press manually for air. Mhmmmm, cutting edge?

    Now I wouldn't describe myself as adverse to any new technology and it normally comes easier to me, but this tyre pump thing, nope, no way. It kept bleeping at me and 'swearing' back in between rapid blasts of air!

    Press buttons for bars or pounds per whatsit. Press plus or minus for more air? Air starts then stops, I think I flattened half my front tyre just trying to figure it out! No instructions, just press here, here, and here.........and oh, here too.

    Gave up needless to say!

    Anyone else seen one like this? Daresay it's meant to automatically fill your tyre up exactly with the correct air pressure.............if you can figure out how it works! Digital display too, looked nifty. If only I could get it to work I'm sure it's great.

    Scowling Sainsbury's employee waiting to close up, didn't fancy asking them for a mini tutorial! :lol:

    Maybe next time....... Off to re-do later if I can find an 'old fashioned' pressure manual button/dial one! :lol:

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    Yes i have met sainsburys newish tyre inflation contraption.I tried to

    use it today but it was out of order in my town.

    I was on my way to see mum and there is one of the same contraptions

    in her town 13 miles up t road,luckily this one was working,

    I pulled into the garage and found someone else parked in front of said

    machine,he was not blowing up his tyres he was looking around the thing

    near the ground around it,me and missus wondered what was going on

    5 minutes of looking had elapsed then i realised he was looking for his

    dust caps.Twas a windy day and silly ???? must have put them on the kerb

    and the wind blew them away.Anyway he finally found them put them back

    on the car and left.

    That was exiting eh.

    Cutting to the point,This machine displays pressure in PSI

    or pounds per square inch.I think it has four buttons you can play

    with, < > These increase or decrease the pressure you require.

    The one that says flat tyre will induce rapid inflation to correct pressure.

    Once you have selected your pressure with the up or down buttons you

    just push the inflator thingy onto your tyre valve and hey presto it does

    the business.

    Sorry Matthew tried to keep it easy to understand.

    Hope it helps. :blush:


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      had great problems with said thing... and at various places. Nor do they place the old tyre pressure charts(according to make and model) on wall...God I am SO OLD, cos I remember these!! :lol:



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        :lol: :lol: :lol:

        Oh so true.

        I went to the same one before we set off to Cleethorpes. I had to ring a colleague in sheer desperation to find out what one earth I was supposed to do.

        I'll happily provide a coaching session for you Matthew. :lol: :lol: :lol:


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          I just thought I'd point out that Matthew posted the 'women drivers' pics :P

          Hee hee hee, sorry Matthew

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Touche, Misty :P