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Dripping Tap

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  • Dripping Tap

    :no: I am in need of some diy advice, how do I get my husband to fix the dripping tap in the bathroom. As time goes on the dripping is getting worse. Soon i will not have to turn on the tap, it will filll the bath just from the dripping! Any ideas? :angel: Peace

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    You are a woman he is a man.

    Use your womanly charms on him :P .

    I know it works because my missus uses

    the same tactics on me to get jobs done.

    Bribery works in these situations :lol:


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      from a womans point of view (thanks for the possible sexist comment Mr U!!! :P )

      do it your self!!

      or....start doing it your self after making a big deal about doing it then stop half way through,

      then you say " darling you were right, I never should of started this, it needs a mans touch"

      by which point it is too far "gone" to go back to the start and he will have no choice to fix it!!

      :P :lol:


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        I am not sexist. :blink:

        I am just trying to solve your dripping tap problem.

        How dare you accuse me of such an accusation

        ONLY JOKING.

        Being as we are lazy so and so,s. it would probably be best

        if you fixed it yourself,us men are so lazy(exept me).