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  • Broadband - Adsl

    First off, I`m asking here cos people seem to know their stuff, and I`m not that into newsgroups.

    My trigger level was reached with BT for ADSL and it said our exchange would be enabled by July23rd. Almost there. I`ve pre-ordered with Pipex, bought the router and everything but would like to know what other possible problems may arise - a line that is not good enough etc. I`m fairly close, within a mile, to the exchange. Yes, I`m fretting over this. I feel I`ve been waiting for a fast line since 1993 - the days of BBS`ing (great days! (bigger phone bills))

  • #2 a new user broadband rools..only appreciated through living with dial up!

    If you do a search on google for "adaware" ..little program that can get rid of advert stuff slipped in with the ISP setup.

    I think ntl slipped this "gator" thing in...cheecky boogerts!

    But adaware sorted that out ...soo haha to them!

    its free too!!!

    can stop "!!" -ing !


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      Line activated at 4:45pm - faffing about until 6:30pm trying to get the router running - now flying


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        good for reason to ever turn comp off now!

        (it took me longer than you to sort all the faffing:P)