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    Landlord received 2 letters saying he had definitely won one of many prizes, top being like 10,000 quid or something. In amongst DVD players, hifi components etc was a holiday. It seems to be a new scam involving a long telephone call at about 1.50 a minute where you finally find out you won the holiday. You have to pay to get there, and self-cater. It was all very convincing, twice.

    Latest thing is a message on my mobile saying I had won 400, guaranteed. Calls are 10p a min to an 8 minute phone call. They give you an address and a claim number and you just send a SAE - and tada, 400 quid. I listened very carefully for any possible rip off scenario - i`ll let you know how it turns out. I know if they fail to pay me I`ll be on them like a nightmare.

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    Latest thing is a message on my mobile saying I had won 400, guaranteed.[/b]
    Never NEVER reply to these messages ... they are indeed a scam.

    At best it cost you 10p min and you get NOTHING.

    At worse they've 'cloned your phone' and if you're on contract you won't see the £10,000 bill till the end of the month.

    I know if they fail to pay me I’ll be on them like a nightmare.[/b]
    You'll never find them.

    I'm with Vodafone and they are at last trying to 'block' these messages.

    If anybody gets these 'messages' please, please PLEASE just delete them.

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      That`s pretty scary - usually I`m wise to scams and such, but this was the most sincere thing I`d ever heard. Live and learn though.


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        There's a lot of these about, and if you put your glasses on & read the prize lists, there are a few or one of the nice-sounding prizes (hi-fi, TV, £10,000 cash etc) and THOUSANDS of holidays. Not all of the scams make you pay for flights. But most seem to be on the basis of 2 people sharing, and the dates aren't mentioned.

        My ex-wife won a holiday once, and we went to Italy. Had to pay for me, and to upgrade her holiday to a peak period but it still worked out good value. But that was 20-odd years ago, so I think that was a genuine promotional offer not one of the new trendy scams.

        Oh, recently got taken in by a timeshare promotion (they said 'It's not a Time-share' so if anyone tells you that, it means 'It's the same old time-share scam again.') The offer of a free holday seemed tempting, but as well as airport taxes, insurance, etc, there was a 'registration fee' of about £45 per person.

        As Ed Doolan says, "If it seems too good to be true, it IS too good to be true!"
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          none of these messages are genuine they are all spam and scams and i would advise everyone to not even open the message in case it viruses your phone or pc and ends up with you getting a massive bill for something you know nothing about.

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            ohh..i have got loads of those messages...never reply ..coz i'm cynical and say "yeah right b****x" ..i just thought it was phone number scam ..and you get idea it had something to do with the cloning malarcy.

            I'm safe as company mobile so i don't even see a bill...but still!...something good to know. dankershaine.