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Really annoyed and fed up with nuisance phone calls

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  • Really annoyed and fed up with nuisance phone calls

    I have over the past year had phone calls from people who are purporting to be from something called Energy Efficiency and how they can help me save energy. I am really fed up with these people, they lie by saying our Energy Company gave them our ex-directory number, which they didn't :angry:

    Today I had a call from India again saying they want to talk about energy efficiency, when I asked where they were from they said India, I then asked who they were and to stop talking to me reading from a manual....they hung up!!!!

    Is anyone else being pestered?

    The number who rang me was: 0091101662

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    Hi Omega ,

    we have the same problem but with free phone calls and PPI,Dad now winds them up ,by asking where they are based,What's their companys address,Who pays their wages,he's got so fed up he's now phoned BT who asked if we had a phone with a displayscreen on it,Dad said yes they said they would add the phone number of the incoming calls to our phones display screen ,so we can see the number before we answer it, Also they will stop all nuisance phone calls from a months time x


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      The best thing to do with them is to put the handset on the table walk away and come back ten or so minutes later after all they are paying for the call and cannot redial until you hang up.:lol:


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        Something weird today happened I received two calls from this number 01686179241no idea who it was, first one the man spoke in a Welsh accent and just kept saying hello - second one as soon as I picked the phone up all I got was a dialling tone .... checked the code and the area is not far from where April was taken :blink: don't know anyone in Welsh Wales!!!!