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Retrospective planning applications are being abused.

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  • Retrospective planning applications are being abused.

    I would like to highlight that Retrospective Planning Applications are a device used by unscrupulous property developers and landlords to circumvent planning rules and regulations.

    Unauthorised developments are being built without permission or the usual checks and then are waived through by planning officers often disregarding public concerns.

    Hounslow Council Planning Dept are happy to allow serial offenders to develop without permission again and again without penalty. The developer is given every assistance while the innocent taxpayer who objects is treated like a criminal just because they challenge the planning officers report.

    The rules around retrospective planning applications need changing quickly. It costs our councils vast sums of our money dealing with unauthorised developments while the developer breaks the rules, wins the appeal and gets away without being charged a fine for breaking the rules in the first place.

    A Win, Win for unscrupulous developers.
    Mikey UK54

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    I couldn't agree more! We have come across this ourselves in our own NFH situation by an unscrupulous amateur developer :angry:

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