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Poor People Have No access To Legal Help

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  • Poor People Have No access To Legal Help

    If there is one thing that makes me abso-************-lutely furious, it's that poor honest people have no access to legal help.

    If you need to use the services of a solicitor, it will cost £200 an hour!

    However, if you are on the wrong side of the law and on benefits, you can get one easily!

    So to sum up, work hard and pay your way and be terrorised by NFH and you're on your own.

    Run round smashing up everyone's property and driving people from their homes, free legal help!



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    I do know how you feel, our Nice Neighbour wanted to appeal against the verdict when our NFH took her hubby to court, the cost of an appeal was £5,000 and that was well, must 8/9 years ago, I dread to think what it would cost now. That is why my boss, who was an ex criminal barrister said the only ones who "profit" from Neighbour disputes are the lawyers and the barrister and try and avoid at all costs taking it to court.


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      Seems crazy also that often people say "if you have neighbours from hell you can move". Why is the onus not on people who are misbehaving to fear being moved whether they are private or council , owners or renters?
      Its hard by the yard, a cinch by the inch...


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        Seems crazy also that often people say "if you have neighbours from hell you can move". Why is the onus not on people who are misbehaving to fear being moved whether they are private or council , owners or renters?

        Because most people have never experienced what we as victims have experienced and to them its the easy option.

        Their philosophy is 'Dont bother to deal with it - just close your eyes to it or better still move on'!

        And thats without the school of thought that thinks you must have done something to deserve it !

        Yes I wanted a normal life

        This site shows that the only people who understand what its like to be a victim is another victim


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          I've lost 3 neighbours who have had to move because of threats from the NFH.

          They have been in Housing Association housing but even so, why do they have to uproot their lives for the sake of someone else's bad behaviour.

          I have stayed put as moving would cost me too much and I don't really feel as if I want to add financial ruin to my problems!

          You are so right PLANET 24 when you say people don't understand what it's like to be a victim. When I tell people I've got neighbour problems, I'm sure they picture me having mad slanging matches in the street or getting in a mood over something petty!


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            im a poor person on benefits due to family circumstances and you know my story from nfh which is still going on by the way but for me to get legal advice to help fight nfh i have to pay £200.00 per letter and also the same price for every hour of consultation and i just cant afford it!

            so my family is suffering in silence much to the delight of our nfh!!!!!!


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              There is nothing I wouldn't give to be able to move or at least take action with these idiots next door but the first would bankcrupt us and the second would bring the heavy mob round to intimidate and cause more trouble. My best and close friend said " sound is only a vibration, it can't hurt you, rise above it " I was gobsmacked ! she is so lucky that she's not had to put up with nutcases like this ! Shame we can't all club together buy an island and move to total peace and quiet :-)

              Love to all xx
              Love Angellight

              Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.



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                Lady Godiva what you have stated is not completely true, i am on benefits, disability living allowance due to injuries i suffered whilst serving in the Royal Marines, i have had no legal assistance or legal aid in fighting my two cases in the courts in which i am trying to get justice not just for myself but for other victims of ASB and problems of NFH

                The legal aid system only supports those charged with criminal acts and is supposed to support their Human Rights, legal aid does not support those in the civil courts that are on benefits

                Anyone on benefits that wants to seek justice for what they have endured like in my case has to commence legal action themselves

                I suggest to everyone that has the mental strength to fight their corner to do as i have done then finally the authorities will listen because we will clog their court system up, the authorities are not concerned at present because people just moan but never fight back the right way

                I have had no legal help, no legal training and no support but i have held my own against many top dog solicitors in the County Courts, if you do your research and have the strength then you can reap the rewards, its hard work but very fulfilling when you stand in the courts and have your say rather than listen to some bored and uninterested solicitor representing you that doesn't really have a clue

                Trust me it works....

                As for intimidation i have had gangs of youths aged between 17-22 numbering 8-10 threatening to cut my throat, stab me and use their shank on me, i had to have a German Shepherd dog put down due to the stress it had endured from all the baiting, i had my car damaged to the point i had to sell it, damage to my home, aggressive dogs used against me in my own home, food thrown at my house, i could go on and on, it got to the point that my two sons couldn't even visit me

                But i wouldn't be driven out because if i ran this one time then i would never be able to live with myself, i would rather die than give in to the scumbags

                I stood my ground and didn't fight back which to be honest would have been suicide, eventually after many years i got the problem NFH evicted and the other idiots followed soon after, i took the police and council to court

                The result.... yes the police hate me, the council despise me, however the thugs and scumbags respect me because they know if they dare cause me trouble that it wont be the police or council that have them in the courts...but that it will be me

                The morale of my story is this ...if you expect the authorities to help you then forget it, your on your own, you either run or fight back the right way, it's up to you?

                The Legal Aid system has changed a lot recently, i tried to get legal assistance and soon found out no solicitor would represent me not because of the substance of my case or if i would win or not but just due to one would cost far too much to take any claim to court because even if i won the costs would not be covered

                The council and police solicitors get paid wait for it ....£300 an hour, i have the cost sheets that i can show you on here, imagine that £300 an hour, crazy or what, so you see even if the legal aid could be provided to you there is no way legal aid would cover costs of £300 an hour if you lost, and that is not counting the costs for every application form (claim forms, evidence submissions, allocation questionnaires etc) you submit which vary between £200 to £250 a time, the court appearances and any appeals, then finally there are the damages...all that could add up to £20,000 plus, then finally add to all this the costs for printer ink, paper, files and other stationary which i can promise you really does add up because you have to make three copies of every form you submit, the costs of travel to the courts and so on and so on

                So you see that is the reason Legal Aid does not cover civil cases because the country would be bankrupt within weeks if it did

                However if you meet certain financial thresholds then you can get assistance in the way of fee exemptions for submitting any claim which i must say does help alot

                Anyway hope that has cleared matters up for all on here....

                From a victim of ASB and NFH who stood his ground and never gave up and now has the peace and tranquility in his life restored again, he never moved but the scumbags did


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                  Hi Bill,

                  You missed a bit of what I said!

                  When my exNFH committed crimes, she got a free solicitor to defend her. That's still standard practice. Commit crimes, get free representation.

                  I didn't say that anyone on benefits gets a free solicitor.

                  You didn't get one because you were attempting to defend yourself from harassment, so you get nothing.

                  NsFH are a burden on society in so many ways.

                  I'm like you. I stand my ground and I've never given in but in between working, bringing up two children and all the other pleasures of life, I rarely find time to have a proper think about what I'm doing.

                  I'm currently dealing with my second complaint with my exNFH's HA due to the fact that even though they moved her after terrorising the neighbourhood for 5 years, she still specifically travels back to carry on doing the same thing! She never gives up and my main points of complaint are the fact that I asked the HA what they'd do if moving her didn't put a stop to her behaviour but they ignored me and the fact that after 6 1/2 years of her behaviour that she really doesn't seem to be able to stop, do they not think it is creepy and obsessional and needs looking into, bearing in mind that no one in my neighbourhood retaliates or warrants any of this but she still keeps going and going!

                  I have barely got the time to answer the latest unsatisfactory response, which states that the HAs solicitor says its too expensive to deal with this awful woman.

                  It offends me that mine and my neighbours 61/2 year ordeal doesn't warrant any expense!

                  I'd love to champion the cause but, well, I've actually got to live my life too.

                  The last letter I received from the Council, which was passed onto them by my local councillor, asked me if I needed some support to help me recover after what had happened, as if I was a nutter! Um, no, I don't see the point of attempting to recover from something that is still happening!


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                    I understand how you feel lady godiva but sadly unless you get really lucky with the HA or the police then you and your neighbours will have to endure more misery until the ex nfh gets bored or decides to pick on someone else

                    Like the HA solicitor stated,'it all boils down to money in the end'

                    Good luck though and I hope matters improve


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                      I had thought of moving (I am a council renter) due to noise nuisance from my NFH. They often keep me awake until the early hours.I am a widow and live alone and have had little help from EH etc.etc.. My daughter was lucky enough to move just over the road and has serious health problems so I like to be close by.NFH are renting privately and the council seem reluctant to do anything.I was going to go down the legal route but reading other posts I don`t think I`ll bother!