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  • New Server and Software!


    As part of the takeover of the site I have moved the site and installed new software, I believe this will be a great improvement to the site.

    Thanks for your support


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    I was a member of the original NFHiB site over 20 years ago and am surprised to see that Matthew is no longer the administrator. Can I ask why the site was taken over?


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      No idea I'm afraid.


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        Rob, I am rather disappointed with your response to SuesySorra.

        Matthew and Beth were the founder members of this site. Together over many years and a lot of hard work and dedication they built it up from nothing. They were volunteers working on a shoestring budget and they were well respected and appreciated by most of the members of this forum.
        You have inherited the site from them and benefited from all their hard work. I am assuming that when you took on the role of Administrator you did some basic research into the history of this site, so you should already be aware on most of this.

        I consider that your short 4 word reply was slightly disrespectful to Matthew and Beth. It would have been nice if you had acknowledged that their work developing the site has made your job easier.

        Having said all this, I do realise that you have taken on a very demanding role, with high standards to live up to. I wish you all the best for the future.


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          Hi Rob

          Welcome to your new takeover of the forum, forgive me if I have misunderstood I have only just returned to the forum myself after a long break and having received an email message from you inviting me to post.

          In case you are not aware, it appears that there may be a few technical issues with the new server, I have mentioned this in other posts but nothing has changed so far.

          There appears to be no tool bar for fonts, colours, size etc and my signature has been lost which I am not able to put back in amongst other things.

          I hope everything with your new site is a big success for you.

          Best regards

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