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  • Upload Capabilities are on

    Everyone now can attach a file to their posts (e.g. jpg, gif image files) up to a maximum size of 50KB (hopefully increase this size at a later stage), except guests/validating etc.

    When posting as normal, you'll see the File Attachments

    "You may attach a file to this message."

    - which is underneath the post icons which is below the 'Enter your post' white box. Click the 'Browse' button to choose the file you want to attach to your message from your computer hard drive (e.g. "image.gif") and select 'open'. This add's the 'path' to your file in the upload box (File Attachments) ready to be uploaded when you post. If you change your mind and don't want to post the attachment or make a mistake with the file, just delete the information in this box and re-do it again.

    When done with your message too, click 'Post New Topic' as normal. If your file is bigger than 50KB, you'll get an error saying you can't post that type of file etc.

    Please remember, your post may take a little longer to finish posting as your upload (e.g. an attached picture) is going with it too. You can't add a file attachment/upload after your post has been done (e.g. from the 'edit' function) although you can 'keep, remove, or replace' an attachment from edit.

    Any problems, please send me a PM.

    You can post attachments with messages in these forum areas:

    NFH: What's your story?

    Ask for Help Here

    NFH: Associated Crime & Disorder

    NFH Success Stories!

    Did You See?

    Problem Animals & Animal Welfare

    Public Protests


    Totally Off Topic Talk!

    Ranter's Corner!

    Members Only (the 'New Members' group can't access this forum until they reach a minimum of 10 posts)

    Notice Board!

    Hope this is handy, it'll save you having to put your pictures elsewhere etc if you want to add them to a message. Please be aware though pictures that take up a lot of horizontal room may cause your screen to scroll off to the right with scrollbars so they fit.

    Pic Upload Example at bottom: