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    A big welcome to one and all!

    As a non technical person I have to learn how to do various things on the board, I hope you don't mind but I thought I would share how I have done a few things,

    so in plain english.......

    when you want to post your own story please go to the NFH: What's your story? folder and click the *new topic button*.

    this will bring up a new window which is blank.

    place your cursor thingy (I dont know the correct term for it!) in the box and then start typing.

    please leave a few gaps in your story by hitting the return key, this makes it easy to read by others.

    you can make things bold or coloured by hitting the "tags" which you will see above the typing window.

    click it once and if for example you want it bold, it will show [ B ] then type what you want, when you have finished doing it in bold, hit the tag button again and it will look like this [ / B ] when it goes on the board it will look like this

    if you want to do several things like bold and underlined, click both tags first, then type and the hit "close all tags"

    this will finish it all this

    you can also add smilies to your post which are the little faces on the left of your screen, you simply click your mouse on the one you want, if you click show all it will give you a long list of some great faces, some of the best ones are at the bottom!!

    to add your post to the board you click the *post new topic* button which is under the window.

    now if you want to add a reply to someone else's post that is just as easy!

    simply read the posts and at the bottom there is a blue button that says "reply" - hit it and the little window will again pop up!

    follow the above and you are sorted!

    this time you click the add reply button!

    if you are not happy with your post or you feel you have missed something or even want to remove something you can go back and on your post in the right hand corner there is an *edit* button, click that and make your changes. when you are finshed click the *submit modified post* button.


    find the post you want to quote and on the top of that post in the right hand corner you will see *quote* - click that and it will take you straight to a reply window. the post will be under the blank window, delete what you dont want leaving just the bit you want to quote.

    then type your message in the blank window as normal. when you hit the submit button it will show the quoted bit in your post!

    this techno stuff is quite clever once you get the hang of it!!

    hope this helps a little!

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    If I've got a lot of text to do I'll somtimes do it offline in MS 'Word', select all (Ctrl + A), copy it, then go to the reply window, click the mouse to position the cursor, then press (Ctrl + V) to paste it.

    You get spellchecker then. I didn't use this method this time



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      Private messaging

      If you want to talk to someone in private you can send them a private message.

      find the person you want to message on the *members list* or the online list, next to their name you will see a little box that says PM

      click on it and a new blank window will pop up, you can then write your message, you must however as with e-mails give your message a title or it will remind you.,

      just using the message title hi is normally fine!

      when you receive a message it will either do one of two things, you might log in and a pop up window will apear at the top of your screen saying you have a message, open it by following the instructions,


      on the top right of your screen you have several control options, the second one in says *_new messages* stating how ever many you have, click words and you messaging service appears.

      Have a play around to get used to it, if you want to test it by sending the moderators tests that should be ok!!