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    i live on a council estate and the neighbours that my house is joined onto are nasty bits of work. we got on with them at first. but then he changed his job and brought this recovery truck home and was parking it right outside my house sometimes it would even overhang my drive. i noticed he never parked his car outside mine always his firms lorry. most considerate neighbours would had parked the lorry outside their own house and their car in front of their neighbours as at the time his drive space had a caravan in it. now i never complained to him. then he had his front garden gravelled saying he was going to put his lorry on there. but he only started parking his car on there. and now when he parks his lorry its halfway across my road frontage as he always parks it about 6ft back from his own drive enterance.
    but then last year i brought my council house ,well he brought his several years ago but wow talk about jealous. years ago he had made a picket fence and in about 9 years it was falling to bits swaying in the wind. we discussed me replacing it with a nice new fence as it is my boundary .him and his missus was fine with it. that was until the fence men started taking their old fence down,in fact as soon as it was touched several panels just fell down,it was almost although the neighbour was watching and waiting as he was out there straight away shouting we had caused criminal damage we would pay for it. he was very abusive ,threatening to smash our new fence. so i quickly set up a spare cctv in my bedroom inside windowsill.
    well after the first day ten minutes after our workman went home after installing about ten panels ,this neighbour had no idea about my hidden cctv . on watching the footage back first i saw his mother come out who was visiting,leaning on his fishpond. then i saw my new fence move,then he appeared walking away from that panel (the one closet to my cctv ) then he went to every panel leaning and pushing on them ,laughing,his mother just stood there no reaction just chatting to him. he put his back against a panel dug his feet in as he pushed and the panel moved alot he held it there before he went onto the next panel. the whole lot went out of alignment as the cement was not set. about 3 hours later he was out there again doing the same thing.
    that night he was out the front shining a high powered torch at my cctv that i have at the front of my house trying to burn the sensors out. the idiot thought the camera wouldnt pick it up,but he turned his torch upwards to turn it off and it illumated his face clearly. so he ends up with a summons to court. but pleaded not guilty got himself a solictor and the court dropped the case i'm on my final appeal and i havent had a final decision yet.
    but sometimes we park our car on the road twice now he has purposley blocked our car in using his lorry and his wife parking behind .
    but his lastest stunt has really got me very angry. he reported my partner for benefit fraud.oh yes i know it was him as we was told the date the call was made just after his court date. and about 8 months before a friend showed us he had been putting on facebook about us "those lazy b's claiming benefits they are not entitled to" and the information given could only had come from him. luckily we was innocent and the benefits people knew it was malicous.
    all this has stressed my partner and me out and affected our mental illness. we have had the councils asbo involved at one point. but they didn't really do anything as the fence was a criminal matter.
    last week i was expecting a relative to stay ,so when i came back from shopping i parked outside my house so my relative could park on my drive . i nipped in for a coffee before unloaded my shopping. by the time i got back outside he had come home in his lorry and backed it right up to my car so close i couldnt even get round to my car boot.
    ive made enquires about his lorry but there apparently is nothing i can do about it being parked down a residental street .
    then there is the noise,loud music sometimes with their windows open. their dogs are kept under the stairs right next to the party wall and when they go out these dogs howl and bark constantly.
    a few years ago they just mentioned they was doing some diy. no mention they was reopening the fire place on the party wall to put their sky box in and mounting a large tv on the party wall so we can hear every word from it when its on.
    for 3 weeks there was loud banging but not did we complain. the day after they finished. i started drilling the party wall to put up a shelf ,it wasn't late at night just gone 7pm as i started drilling the second hole they started banging on the wall and put something nasty on facebook which our friend showed us.
    they think they own the street to. a neighbour who lives opposite nipped home one day she parked outside theirs and they was banging on the window telling her she couldn't park there.
    i'm to the end of my tether . if anyone comes to my door i notice their front door opens and they stand in their doorway. even my visitor last week noticed everytime we went out ,the neighbours was stood in their front doorway.
    even the time i called the police for them blocking our car in,he was stood in his doorway listening .
    what can i do? my family say ignore them but its very difficult. it seems i can not do anything about it ,i've tried.